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Milestone Release Plan for Axis2 01/M1


Proposed Release Date 5th January 2005

Pre Release Work

Open Issues

The following issue(s) must be resolved

  1. Generic XML vs SOAP specific OM


Bugs to be closed in JIRA

Bugs in JIRA that will not be fixed for the release


  • Code Review - ensure adherence to Java coding conventions
  • Code spellings


  • Architecture
  • Detail Design
  • User Guide

Release Note

  • Prepare release note

Test Cases

The following test cases should pass before release TBD



Create branch after code freeze and when any existing samples are working

  • Tentative date for Code freeze is 15th December 2004

Features Supported


  1. Should be built from a stream of pull events
  2. Differed parsing
  3. Generate the pull events from OM and switch to the pull stream if OM is half built
  4. Option to turn on cache so that OM is built all the time
  5. Should provide a easy to use interfaces to accsess the XML infoset
  6. Should take in pull (if input is stream) or push (to support the objet serializing)and output pull () or push ()
  7. Complete support for the XML infoset required by SOAP (without MTOM)
  8. XML security support



  1. J2EE Like deployment.
  2. Service hot deployment.
  3. module hot deployment ?


  1. WOM - Implementation of WSDL 2.0 Component Model.
  2. Simple implementatio of Service Desc based on WOM.
  3. WOM building from WSDL 1.1 using WSDL4J for parsing.

Client API

Server API

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