Session Managment design

Main interfaces

  1. Session
  2. SessionManager

  3. SessionIdFactory

  4. SessionManagerFactory

These interfaces are located within the core package

Transient, Persistant and Replicated sessions

The default implementations of these interfaces are done in the session package It provides a basic transient session management implementation.

A Persistant and Replicated implementation is underway using WADI (

Extracting and Inserting Session Id from the incoming and outgoing SOAP Message

There will be 2 handlers that will intercept the incomming SOAP message to extract the session id. If there is a outgoing message another handler will intercept the out flow to add the session id to the outgoing SOAP message.

Currently SessionHandler and EndOfRequestHandler, extracts and adds a WS-Addressing based reference parameter from the SOAP message.

How it plugs into Axis2

The configuration is defined in the axis2.xml This has the flexibility to define the SessionManager, SessionIdFactory and other attributes that control the session mgt behaviour.

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