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Provide a JMX front End to Axis2

GOAL: Provide a JMX front end to Axis2, so that Axis2 can be manged and configured by the JMX Services.

Approch: The Class ConfigurationContext and AxisConfiguration classes hold all the states of the Axis2 Configuration. The JMX front can be realzied by writing MBeans that can affect the ConfigurationContext/AxisConfiguration. The Approch can be explained by following apporch.

  • Look in to the ConfigurationContext/AxisConfiguration classes and familerize with them

  • Implementer first need to decide on what functinalities to be supported by the JMX front end and find out how to achive them

by methods in the ConfigurationContext/AxisConfiguration

  • write MBeans and get the fornt working
  • integrate to Axis2

Few things that can be done via the JMX would be following

  1. List/view services, Operation, Modules
  2. enable/ disable services
  3. engage / disengage Modules
  4. change/add/view parameter in any level

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