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Axis Toolkit

Axis2 is meant to be a usable product and the key to this usability lies in the tool kit. Axis2 plans to ship the following tools.

  • Service Archive Generator - Axis2 requires the resources for a particular service to be archived into a single file of a given format. This archive also contains a descriptor (service.xml). Aim of the generator tool is to provide a user friendly, GUI based (preferably wizard type) mechanism for the users to easily generate the service archive.A nice-to-have feature is to make the generator IDE pluggable, for Intellij IDEA and Eclipse.
  • Module Archive Generator - Axis2 modules are a collection of resources for implementing a particular feature (say Security). Modules too need a deployment descriptor (module.xml). Requirements for the module archive generator are same as for the service archiver.
  • Admin web application - Axis2 plans to be bundled with a complete administration web application. Functionality for the Administration web app is yet to be finalized.
  • WSDL2??? tool - WSDL processor that generates stubs / skeletons is a must for Axis. However the plan is to provide a GUI for this and to incorporate the facility to generate stubs on other languages as well.

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