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Axis 2 SOAP Encoder Development

Before going to start with Axis 2 and It's internal details (for the developers) it's better to get some idea behind the Axis 2 .

We are going to address SOAP Encoding module, so I got some ideas from the Axis-Dev-list are listed below.

{i} 1. Axis 1 used a built in databinding but Axis2 has a pluggable model for the databinding frameworks. The problem we have right now is that since we feed the the schema section of the WSDL to generate the bindings to the third party framework, that framework (Say XMLBeans) has to be made aware of the SOAP encoding rules. XMLBeans compiler takes in extra schemas in compilation so theoretically we should be able to feed the SOAP encoding in, in the form of an schema. I'm not sure how far this'll work but we can surely try!

{i} 2. If (1) is not feasible we'll have to disable SOAP encoding in third party frameworks except for our own framework. This 'own framework' is still not existing (:))but I guess it'll be based on the Axis 1


I'm doing this for summarize the SOAP Encoding requirements and challanges in it's implementation. This helps for developers to easily get start other than reading big documents.(my aim is to provice first level information for get start)

STEP 1 Read and undestand the SOAP Encoding and specifications. And document key areas which need for development.

STEP 2 Prepare the proposal for SOAP Encoding module.

STEP 3 Design Architecture and identify Modules (sub systems)

STEP 4 Design the Interfaces and functions/methods

.......... More

Information from Axis 1 SOAP Encoding

Note : I'm working in flow diagrams and key informations.

(!) Please give your feed back for above steps for improvements.


* Manoj Mallawaarachchie (MOBITEL) (Yahoo IM : manoj_ws e-mail:linux.opensource@gmail.com)

* Mohamed Ahsan (MOBITEL) (Yahoo IM : mnm_ahsan , e-mail: mnm_ahsan@yahoo.com)


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