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This page describes all the major changes we have done from 1.2 release to 1.3 release. This will include API changes, class deprecating etc etc. These things must all be noted in the release notes.

Deprecated Classes

  • All the asynchronous MessageReceivers have been deprecated, since they were almost identical copies of their synchronous siblings - more copies of code means more places to maintain. Now asynchrony on the server side is all in one place - AbstractMessageReceiver does the job of deciding (based on the AbstractMessageReceiver.DO_ASYNC property) whether or not to spin up a thread to do the work of invokeBusinessLogic(MessageContext).

  • Deprecating the introspection to find init()/destroy() methods on service classes. Replace with org.apache.axis2.service.Lifecycle interface, since "instanceof" checks are significantly faster.
  • Deprecated the Callback interface, for several reasons (it wasn't clean or flexible enough). New code should use org.apache.axis2.client.async.AxisCallback, which is an interface that you implement. The new interface contains separate onFault(MessageContext) and onError(Exception) methods - onFault is called when a SOAP fault is received over the wire, and onError() is only called when a processing exception is thrown locally. Both onMessage() and onFault() now take MessageContext arguments, which allows you to get at the entire state of the Axis2 instance. If you just want the SOAP envelope, simply call MessageContext.getEnvelope(). Finally, the new callback interface has an onComplete() method which will *always* be called when the MEP is finished, regardless of the success/error state.

  • Added a new phase called “Addressing” and moved all the addressing handlers into that phase. So if we tried to use latests Addressing module with your old axis2.xml , that will not work.

JAXWS Improvements

  • Completed all major function required by the JAX-WS Specification. JAX-WS passes CTS with Geronimo.
  • JAX-WS Application handlers are now supported
  • JAX-WS supports the following protocols: SOAP 1.1, SOAP 1.2 and XML/HTTP.
  • JAX-WS supports the following binding styles: document/literal, rpc/literal, and document/literal "wrapped"

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