Axis 2 F2F March 29-31st 2005

This page contains information on the second Axis 2 Face-to-Face meeting. The participants have expressed desire to make this F2F more of a 'hackathon'



March 29th to 31st, 2005.


26th Floor, World Trade Center, Colombo, Sri Lanka.


Participants photos

Current Status as to Milestone 1

  1. AXIOM
    • OM is a SOAP specific Streaming XML info-set model
    • Has Ability to generate the OM from Pull parser, or Push events
    • Has ability to generate the pull events from the already build OM tree
    • Has ability to switch from the OM tree to Pull parser to generate Pull events
  2. Deployment
    • support for the parsing of Web Service archives
    • supports parsing of the server.xml file
    • Support parsing of the Web Service modules
    • Supports hot deployment
  3. Core
    • In,out, fault flows(pipe) contains Handlers. There are Receivers, Handlers, Phases, TransportRecivers, TransportSenders, and custom Handlers

    • Three level of contexts Message, Global, Session context
    • EngineRegistry

    • Internal Addressing support
    • Support for the Synchronous and Asynchronous IN-OUT messaging over HTTP transport
  4. Phase Resolver
    • support to specify the location of the Handler in a specific Phase
  5. WSDL
    • WSDL Object Model that support both WSDL1.1 and 2.0

Stuff We talked about looking towards M2

This section includes things that are possible discussion topics for the F2F

  1. AXIOM
    • MTOM integration
  2. Deployment, Modules && Phase Resolver

    • RM modules and a Security Modules to be discussed as the case study of the applicability of Phase rules and modules
  3. Core
    • Messaging and Service Models and applicability on the Axis2 Based on the Thread "Messaging and Service Models", this discusses introducing a message centric architecture
    • support for the Outbound MEP
    • Complete Addressing support
    • Synchronous and Asynchronous support
  4. Data binding for Axis 2
    • Data binding framework, expectation is to go in to finer detail about a framework that allows the other data binding tools to be plug in to the Axis2
    • decide on the data-binding packages need to be supported, xmlbeans, JAXB ....
  5. WSDL support
    • Decide on the WSDL2.0 model to be used, A WOM (WSDL Object Model) is already there but still not fully integrated to Axis. There are concerns about other WSDL 2.0 object models and about the compatibility of WOM and the role WOM should play in Axis.
    • Parsing of the WSDL2.0 and WSDL1.1 documents
    • Code generation, The skeletons, stubs and how the Types should be generated
  6. Transports
    • Finer Detail about abstract Transport framework


Have a look at the time table here.

Summit material

Summit material (presentations and proposals) is located here

Scribing during Summit

Quick look at Summit Conclusions

What should be in Axis2 1.0

Next Steps

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