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  • [12:42] jali has disconnected: Read error: 60 (Operation timed out) [12:43] jaliya has disconnected: Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer) [12:43] hperera: If we have a Global hanlder configured to go any phase after dispatacher phase, it will be added to operation specific chains by our chain generation code

    [12:45] ajith: :) - ok I'm back [12:46] hperera: ajith was it a bunny or a fish [12:46] gdaniels: Yup, 2703 closed.

    [12:47] ajith: he he - neither - found an egg lying around the yard and that settled it ;) [12:48] gdaniels: lol [12:51] chamikara has joined [13:00] dims has disconnected: Read error: 110 (Connection timed out) [13:09] gdaniels has disconnected: Read error: 110 (Connection timed out) [13:20] sandakith has disconnected: Remote closed the connection

    [13:28] chamikara has disconnected: "ChatZilla [Firefox]" [13:33] jaliya has joined [13:33] chinthaka: starting again after a heavy Mexican lunch [13:35] gdaniels has joined [13:40] chathura: burito eh? [13:42] Deepal: Hi Chathura [13:42] chathura: Hi deepal [13:42] pzf has disconnected: Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)

    [13:52] chinthaka: fajita burito ;) [13:53] chinthaka: now we all are going through all the opened JIRAs and trying to find out the issues that we should target for Axis2 1.3 [13:58] jaliya has disconnected: Read error: 110 (Connection timed out) [14:01] jaliya has joined [14:13] pzf has joined

    [14:23] pzf has disconnected: "IceChat - Its what Cool People use"

    [14:38] Deepal: :) [14:53] jaliya has disconnected: Read error: 110 (Connection timed out [15:03] dblevins has joined [15:07] chinthaka has disconnected: Read error: 110 (Connection timed out) [15:31] gdaniels: Everyone still heads-down in JIRAs for the moment [15:43] dims has joined

    [15:47] dims: checking in for a couple of mins :) [15:47] sanjiva has disconnected: Read error: 113 (No route to host) [15:47] sanjiva has joined [15:47] dims: how's the Hackathon progressing? [15:47] Deepal: going well [15:48] Deepal: we are going thu the jiras and [15:48] Deepal: making the jiras what we think that need to fix for 1.3 as blockers [15:48] Deepal: and fix some of them then and there [15:49] dims: great!

    [15:49] gdaniels: our list has grown kind of long :)

    [15:49] Deepal: :) [15:49] dims: were there some existing blockers you switched back to lower priority?

    [15:49] dims: that's good and bad :) [15:49] gdaniels: plus we have some discussions that need to occur in the next few days

    [15:49] Deepal: I think after end of this process we will have abt 380 blockers :) [15:49] gdaniels: lol [15:50] gdaniels: no, we haven't repealed any blockers [15:50] gdaniels: though we have fixed a few [15:50] gdaniels: how's the cape? [15:50] dims: cool! [15:50] Deepal: nope we ha ve not reduce the priority [15:50] Deepal: dims [15:50] dims: there's a huge cluster around AXIS2-2744 (i think!) [15:51] Deepal: abt the maven plug-ins [15:51] dims: weather a bit dull today. but good. [15:51] Deepal: what do we thing we need to fix them or not

    [15:51] dims: shh! kids sleeping :)

    [15:51] gdaniels: :) [15:51] dims: are we switching yo full m2 build? [15:51] amila_suriarachc has joined [15:51] Deepal: that is good q [15:52] Deepal: we need to finsh the goal for release builing [15:52] dims: if we are, then we should fix all the m2 stuff with it [15:52] Deepal: then we can move to m2

    [15:52] gdaniels thinks dims should be sitting in a lounge chair reading a (NON TECHNICAL) book or watching the waves with Mrs. Dims... but to each their own. :) [15:52] dims: adding an assembly [15:52] gdaniels: I'm definitely +1 to getting m2 working if we can [15:53] Deepal: next q, considering our time line [15:53] Deepal: will be able to get it done [15:53] dims: hehehe. i was. Nauset was wonderful. there's a beach a few mins away from where we are staying [15:53] dims: Mrs Dims days 5 more mins

    [15:54] gdaniels: lol :) [15:54] dims: Mrs Dims says 5 more mins [15:54] dims: please look at the cluster around AXIS2-2744

    [15:54] gdaniels: make sure to tell her I was shooing you away! :D [15:54] gdaniels: yes, that's on our list [15:54] dims: will do! [15:55] Deepal: dims : will do [15:55] Deepal: I have fix couple of issue [15:55] Deepal: and will be fixing the rest as well [15:55] dims: it points to a deeper problem where our wsdl/xsd generation does not match our runtime message constructs [15:55] dims: thanks! [15:56] dims: will check back in later. please do send a summary if possible to axis-dev@ [15:56] dims: short is ok too. [15:56] gdaniels: +1

    [15:57] dims: hope you guys are not pulling each other's hair already :)

    [15:57] gdaniels: luckily we all have short hair, mostly. :) [15:57] dims: be back later! [15:58] gdaniels: ttyl dims

    [15:58] Deepal: :)

    [15:58] Deepal: ok now I can understand what happen to Sanjiva :D

    [15:58] dims: :) [16:09] Deepal: Now we have 150 blockers [16:10] gdaniels: pretty clearly we aren't going to get to all of them by 1.3... [16:10] gdaniels: so I think we'll need to pare down that list

    [16:10] gdaniels: but it's good to have a starting point :) [16:31] gdaniels: So it looks like we're going to continue with JIRA filtering (and some fixing) for the rest of today. [16:31] gdaniels: We'll go until about 6, then start fresh tomorrow at 9. [16:32] gdaniels: Tomorrow AM it's been suggested that the first thing to do is a walkthrough of the Axis2 flow (client/server, sync/async, various MEPs) to discuss issues around architecture and asynchrony [16:34] jaliya has joined [16:44] ajith: BTW when are you guys starting in the morning ? [16:45] ajith: ah ok 9 am [16:45] ajith: I can be in the discussion (skype maybe) from 9 to 10 am (eastern time) [16:54] jaliya has disconnected: Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer) [17:10] jaliya has joined [17:22] Deepal: do we need to make the unwrapping by default [17:22] Deepal: ??? [17:23] jali has joined [17:29] Deepal: Ajith [17:29] ajith: hmm [17:29] Deepal: if you here , pelase go though the code gen jiras and try to comment on them [17:29] ajith: there was an argument that we should [17:29] Deepal: whether we realy need to fix that for 1.3 or not [17:30] ajith: I will go through them at night and comment [17:30] Deepal: but not all [17:30] Deepal: cool [17:30] Deepal: well we will be able to have a skyp discussion if you wnat [17:30] Deepal: may be let's try to have conf call in freecon.com [17:30] ajith: tonight or tomorrow morning ? [17:31] Deepal: I mean tomorrow [17:31] ajith: ok [17:31] jaliya has disconnected: Read error: 110 (Connection timed out) [17:31] ajith: I will be available from 9 to 10 your time [17:31] Deepal: ok sound good

[17:32] dims has disconnected: Read error: 60 (Operation timed out)

  • [17:33] Deepal: dont we need to have java->wsdl>java having the same signture [17:34] Deepal: I thik we should

    [17:34] Deepal: and wsdl->java->wsdl we should get same wsdl [17:34] gdaniels: you can't do that 100% [17:34] gdaniels: but I do think being closer is better [17:35] Deepal: I mean as much as we can [17:35] gdaniels: +1 [17:35] ajith: hmm.. what hurts us the is the fact that we change the rpc/lit to a doc/lit type internally [17:36] ajith: but lets see - we may be able to find a workaround [17:36] gdaniels: or rather the doc/lit/wrapped to doc/lit/bare [17:36] gdaniels: rpc/lit is actually a better solution to the issue

    [17:36] gdaniels: since you can't get as confused that way :) [17:36] ajith: ")

    [17:36] ajith: :) [17:37] gdaniels: (i.e. the "outer element" declaration isn't in the XSD, it's inferred) [17:37] ajith: yep [17:39] amila_suriarachc: to switch on unwrapping by default [17:39] amila_suriarachc: what we can do is to [17:40] amila_suriarachc: check the schema before going to codegen [17:40] amila_suriarachc: and see whether it is in the document/wrapped/literal type [17:40] amila_suriarachc: if so at that point we can switch on the unwrapping [17:40] amila_suriarachc: if it has not been set already [17:42] jaliya has joined [17:43] jali has disconnected: Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer) [17:44] jaliya has left [17:45] hperera: we have made up 150 blocker by combing though the code [17:46] hperera: we have to go though them tommarow

    [17:46] gdaniels: tomorrow! You are an optimist. :) [18:01] gdaniels: ok, we're calling it a day for today [18:02] gdaniels: we've gone through all the open JIRAs and assigned/"blockered" all the ones we think are candidates for 1.3 [18:02] gdaniels: (whew) [18:02] gdaniels: fixed a few things today, and had some good discussion

    [18:02] hperera has disconnected: "ChatZilla [Firefox]" [18:02] gdaniels: we need to send a summary mail to axis-dev this evening [18:03] gdaniels: will be back on later! [18:03] gdaniels: tomorrow we start at 9AM [18:03] Deepal: yes [18:03] gdaniels has disconnected

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