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09:01] The topic is 'Axis2 -Hackathon @ IU' (set by Deepal)

[09:01] [freenode-info] please register your nickname...don't forget to auto-identify! http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#nicksetup: #apache-axis

  • [09:21] azeez has joined [09:26] gdaniels has joined [09:26] gdaniels: good morning folks [09:31] azeez: good morning [09:37] Deepal: what is the plan today [09:37] Deepal: we have one and half day left [09:40] gdaniels: clearly we're going to do more work on JIRAs remotely after the hackathon [09:40] gdaniels: plus we'll have the "mini hackathon" opportunity in Boston next wk [09:40] gdaniels: so we should decide what we want to do while we're together as a group today/tomorrow [09:41] gdaniels: I'd propose we do a run through of the codegen / WSDLgen system [09:41] gdaniels: look at the active JIRAs there, and then make sure we're all on the same page WRT the code structure? [09:41] gdaniels: also we have more fault scenarios we could work through [09:43] azeez has disconnected: "Leaving" [09:43] srinathp has joined

    [09:44] gdaniels: http://wiki.apache.org/ws/FrontPage/Axis2/hackathon [09:44] Deepal: 1- Cleanup/Refactors [10:15] Deepal: 2- JIRAs [10:16] Deepal: 3- Build overview [10:16] Deepal: 4- WSDL2Java [10:16] Deepal: 5- Java2WSDL

[10:16] Deepal: 6- Deployment [10:16] Deepal: 7- DOCS [10:16] Deepal: 8- Fault handling [10:17] Deepal: 9 - Arch/Engine flow

  • [10:01] gdaniels: Discussing headerFaults [10:13] jgawor has joined [11:11] chathura has joined [11:18] dims has joined

    [11:21] Deepal: we are dicussing https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/AXIS2-2771 [11:24] dims: ok [11:25] gdaniels: hi dims! [11:25] dims: hi glen, folks! [11:26] dims: only 318 open issues in JIRA - w00t! [11:27] gdaniels: lol [11:32] Deepal: look wt we have done , when we start we had 20 blockers [11:32] Deepal: now we have 80 + jiras [11:32] Deepal: isnt that bad

    [11:32] Deepal: :) [11:33] dims: am a half-full guy! [11:33] amila_suriarachc has joined [11:33] srinathp: at least it was 150 at start [11:34] srinathp: we have fix 70+ [11:34] Deepal: more than that Srinath [11:34] Deepal: I had 160 + jiras only for me [11:34] Deepal: but now I have only 110 [11:38] Owner has joined [11:38] Owner: sorry guys - its took me a while to get I was misspelling the password

    [11:38] Deepal: :) [11:39] Owner is now known as Ajith [11:39] Deepal: Ajith how come you become the Owner [11:39] Ajith: I've no clue [11:39] Deepal: are you the Axis2 Owner or IRC ? [11:58] davidillsley has disconnected: Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer) [12:24] sanjiva has joined [12:24] sanjiva hi guys .. good morning [12:27] Deepal: hi GM [12:28] benDD has joined [12:28] benDD: hackathon @ IU [12:28] benDD: ? [12:28] benDD: hmm [12:28] Deepal: yes we are a tIU [12:29] benDD: so what's the hackathon? [12:29] benDD: I'm here in town [12:30] Deepal: so why dont we come and meet us [12:31] Deepal: we are at Lindley Hall [12:32] benDD: cool.. i'm at the shower's building right now... work and all that [12:34] benDD: so, Axis is a web services engine then? [12:34] Deepal: yes [12:35] gdaniels: Ben... a) who are you? b) we're about to go for lunch soon, when will you be here? [12:37] benDD: a) I'm a 25yo info undergrad (and I work full-time too), and b) go ahead to lunch, I probably won't make it over there anytime


  • [12:42] Deepal: oh [12:42] Deepal: how abt at the evening [12:43] benDD: I might drop by later this afternoon... I'm not familiar (at all) with Axis... just depends on what's going on here at work... are you all

CS ppl then?

  • [12:44] gdaniels: yup [12:45] benDD: undergrad or grad?

    [12:45] gdaniels: would be great to meet you but this probably isn't the best time to get introduced to Axis :) [12:45] gdaniels: i.e. we're really trying to pound away on fixing bugs with an eye towards a release soon [12:45] benDD: cool [12:45] gdaniels: the IU people that are here (only one today) are grads

    [12:46] benDD: being as I'm not sure of the expected behavior, i probably wouldn't be too helpful in the bug fixing phase.. :) [12:46] gdaniels: lol [12:47] gdaniels: do feel free to drop by and say hello tho [12:47] gdaniels: lunchtime! [12:48] gdaniels: back in a while [12:51] jgawor has disconnected: Read error: 110 (Connection timed out) [13:52] dims: folks back yet? [13:53] gdaniels: yap [13:53] gdaniels: just back [13:53] gdaniels: full 'o noodles [13:53] dims: one more blocker AXIS2-2801

    [13:54] gdaniels: I'm just signing you up for some work here dims. :) [13:54] gdaniels: We're talking about M2 build

[13:54] gdaniels: We're talking about M2 build

  • [13:54] dims: when you guys get around to it :) [13:54] gdaniels: and I suggested that the four of us (Amila, Deepal, you, me) get it done on Tuesday in Boston [13:55] dims: +100

    [13:55] gdaniels: :) [13:56] Deepal: pls define +100 , I wnet to apache site and I could not found that

    [13:56] Deepal: :) [13:56] gdaniels: +MAXINT [14:00] Deepal: we are going to discuss abt Axis2 user guide [14:00] Deepal: how it shoud be and what shoud be there [14:03] srinathp has disconnected: Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)

    [14:04] Deepal: we are going thu http://ws.apache.org/axis2/1_2/userguide.html#whatis [14:13] gdaniels: Some notes on the user guide [14:13] dblevins has joined [14:14] gdaniels: The "installing and testing client code" section is too complex [14:15] gdaniels: It's the first thing we see and it talks about installing the war in Tomcat [14:15] Deepal: and even the complete user guide [14:15] Deepal: if you look at Axis1 [14:15] Deepal: its more simple and very useful [14:15] gdaniels: Initial users should be able to learn quickly about how to build simple clients and services

    [14:15] gdaniels: We should talk about quick ServiceClient based client code [14:15] Deepal: +1 for going forward with smt like Axis1 [14:15] gdaniels: and also about POJO deployment first [14:15] gdaniels: for services [14:17] srinathp has joined

    [14:20] Deepal: SimpleHttpService.deploy(MyService)

    [14:20] Deepal: will strt SimpleHttp server and deploy the service [14:21] gdaniels: i.e. myServer = new SimpleHTTPServer(port); [14:21] gdaniels: myServer.deploy("service1", Service.class); [15:08] srinathp: We belive we need complete rewrite of user guide [15:09] gdaniels: (pretty much complete - with some cutting and pasting I'm sure!) [15:09] srinathp: yes .. it is outline that is changed [15:09] srinathp: and making sure it is simple and to the point

    [15:10] srinathp: deepal working on wiki at http://wiki.apache.org/ws/FrontPage/Axis2/hackathon

    [15:12] Deepal: http://wiki.apache.org/ws/FrontPage/Axis2/userguide [15:20] Deepal: please edit the wiki [15:20] Deepal: if you think that we have not enough info [15:44] gdaniels: We're talking about faults and handler revocation [15:45] gdaniels: Right now the only way a Handler finds out whether a fault occurred is by getting a flowComplete(mc) [15:45] gdaniels: So if you need to undo anything you did based on a fault situation, it is YOUR responsibility to call "if (mc.isProcessingFault())" (is

that right?) and check yourself

  • [15:46] gdaniels: Might have been cleaner to have a separate revoke() method

[15:53] gdaniels: hello folks on IRC?

[15:53] gdaniels: roll call of who's currently awake, please?

[15:53] gdaniels: (aside from people at IU)

[16:02] Ajith: this is the original discussion http://marc.info/?l=axis-dev&m=114505970102143&w=2

[16:02] gdaniels: note to above - you CANNOT actually rely on isProcessingFault() to find out if it's a fault

[16:02] gdaniels: we just looked

[16:02] Ajith: at least the start

[16:03] gdaniels: apparently there isn't an easy way to figure out from flowComplete() if there was a fault or not

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[17:20] Deepal: major code cleanup

[17:20] Deepal: engine , context

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[19:43] Deepal: http://jadeepal.blogspot.com/2007/06/how-easy-to-invoke-and-deploy-service.html

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