09:01] The topic is 'Axis2 -Hackathon @ IU' (set by Deepal)

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[10:16] Deepal: 6- Deployment [10:16] Deepal: 7- DOCS [10:16] Deepal: 8- Fault handling [10:17] Deepal: 9 - Arch/Engine flow


CS ppl then?

[13:54] gdaniels: We're talking about M2 build

that right?) and check yourself

[15:53] gdaniels: hello folks on IRC?

[15:53] gdaniels: roll call of who's currently awake, please?

[15:53] gdaniels: (aside from people at IU)

[16:02] Ajith: this is the original discussion http://marc.info/?l=axis-dev&m=114505970102143&w=2

[16:02] gdaniels: note to above - you CANNOT actually rely on isProcessingFault() to find out if it's a fault

[16:02] gdaniels: we just looked

[16:02] Ajith: at least the start

[16:03] gdaniels: apparently there isn't an easy way to figure out from flowComplete() if there was a fault or not

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[17:20] Deepal: major code cleanup

[17:20] Deepal: engine , context

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[19:43] Deepal: http://jadeepal.blogspot.com/2007/06/how-easy-to-invoke-and-deploy-service.html

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