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Relase Plan Axis2 0.9

New release completes the most of the functionalities targeted by Axis2, the remaining functionalites are added as Jira issues. This Relase added

  • Data Binding
  • MTOM
  • Module Architecture
  • SOAP 1.2 support
  • WSA Submission Final
  • REST support

With most updates to the Archtecutre.

Source level TODOs for relase

  1. Update the User guide for the Data binding
  2. SWA Documents
  3. Update REST documents
  4. Updates the TCP documents
  5. MTOM Documents

Axis2 0.9 feature list

  1. SOAP 1.1/SOAP 1.2 support
  2. WSDL 1.1
  3. WSA Submission and Final
  4. Module Architecture
  5. Context Hierachy
  6. Transports SMTP
  7. Transport HTTP
  8. Transport TCP
  9. Raw XML Providers
  10. Support for MTOM/MIME/SwA
  11. Deployment
  12. Client API modules
  13. WSDL2Java
  14. Java2WSDL
  15. REST support
  16. XML Beans based data binding implemntation

Steps for Axis2 0.9 Release

Create a Key Pair

If you do not have one create a key pair

# gpg --gen-key

the keys will be genrated in the ~/.gnupg

Export the Keys

gpg --armor --export hemapani@gmail.com > KEYS

update KEYS

cd ~/release1-4-alpha
cat KEYS >> /www/www.apache.org/dist/ws/axis2/KEYS

Cut the relase

  1. tag the SVN

Create Distribution

  1. Build Distribution Files

Take a new checkout and from the root direcotry

 # maven clean
 #maven dist-bin
 # maven dist-src

This will create axis2-0.9-bin.zip axis2-0.9-src.zip files

  1. Create Checksums (more info http://jakarta.apache.org/commons/releases/release.html)

Create Checksums

openssl md5 < axis2-0.9-bin.zip > axis2-0.9-bin.zip.md5

do same to axis2-0.9-src.zip

  1. Sign and verify the relases

        #cd target/dist/
        #gpg --armor --output axis2-0.9-bin.zip.asc --detach-sig axis2-0.9-bin.zip
        #gpg --verify axis2-0.9-bin.zip.asc axis2-0.9-bin.zip

do same to axis2-0.9-src.zip

  1. Upload Releases and Move Releases Into Distribution Directories
  2. Update README,Check KEYS file, Update Symbolic Links,Remove symbolic links to current distributions, Update RELEASE-NOTES, Remove Obsolete Releases
  3. Deploy jar, project.xml and license.html to Java-Repository (maven repo) /www/www.apache.org/dist/axis2/jars
  4. Test Main Site Downloads

Web Site

  1. Update the website
  2. Test the Web Site


  1. Create Announcements
  2. Update bugzilla
  3. Sent the Announcements There are some scripts available that help to automate some of these steps. In particular, see the following shell scripts in subversion under committers/tools/releases:
    • sign_and_hash.sh (creates sigs and md5s)
    • verify_sigs.sh (verifies sigs and checksums)
    • symlinks.sh (creates symlinks)

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