Axis2 0.93 New Features List

  1. JDK 1.5 compatibility
  2. Configurable handler chains using axis2.xml
  3. Improved class loader hierarchy
  4. Improved security module with dynamic configurability
  5. ADB (Axis Data Binding) with complete simple types support and limited complex type support
  6. Jalopy based code formatting for generated code

Axis2 0.93 Experimental Features List

  1. DOOM - DOM implementation over OM
  2. Java2WSDL
  3. RPC Support

Major changes since last release

  1. Refactored org.apache.axis2.clientapi to org.apache.axis2.client
  2. Introduction of Options to configure clients

Axis2 0.93 Features List

  1. SOAP 1.1/SOAP 1.2 support
  2. WSDL 1.1
  3. WSA Submission and Final
  4. Module Architecture
  5. Context Hierachy
  6. Transports : HTTP, SMTP, TCP
  7. Raw XML Providers
  8. Support for MTOM/MIME/SwA
  9. Deployment
  10. Client API modules
  11. WSDL2Java and Java2WSDL
  12. REST support
  13. XML Beans based data binding implemntation
  14. WSS4J Module

Tentative issues

  1. Options have a setTransportInfo method which always takes the both sender and listner transport,,this do not make sense in the Oneway case. Shall we put setSenderTransport(), setListenerTransport() and setUseSeperateTransport() as three items. [Handled]
  2. ReplyTo and other addressing parameters with respect to the InOutMEPClient.To conclude our descussion and decide on the fial thingy [Decided .. on the way to Implement I guess]

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