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Axis2 1.1 Distributions
  1. axis2-1.1.zip - structure is given below
    • -have the root folder of the zip as axis2-1.1/
  2. axis2-1.1-min.zip - for the advanced users who need just the core axis2 functionality
    • -have the root folder of the zip as axis2-1.1/
  3. axis2-1.1-src.zip - source distro, users can use maven goals to create min,std and war
    • -have the root folder of the zip as axis2-1.1/src/
  4. axis2-1.1-docs.zip - all the docs (java docs+xdocs)
    • -have the root folder of the zip as axis2-1.1/docs/

Having root folders as above will put the stuff in place nicely when the user expands main,docs and src in the same dir

Contents of axis2-1.1.zip
  • axis2-1.1/
    • bin/
      • axis2.{sh/bat} -classpath what_ever_the_user_class
        • this will work similar to "java" and will run the given client class with whatever the user given options using the repository as the repository
      • java2wsdl.{sh/bat} scripts wsdl2java.{sh/bat} scripts axis2server.{sh/bat} scripts - http-server renamed
        • - this will use ../repository, ../conf/axis2.xml as defaults, and will set up the listeners mentioned in there.
      lib/ webapp/
      • WEB-INF/
        • web.xml classes/
          • .properties
        build.xml - script to create the war. axis2-web/
        • admin/ - will contain the jsp's of the admin console. Users can delete this if they do not want the admin-console in the war
      • foo/
        • build.xml - compile,create .aar and drop it to ../../repository/services
          • - compile, run client
          • client/ service/
          lib/ readme.txt -will point to "docs" if it is present docs/ - optional, in the case of GUI samples
          • index.html
        • ...
      • axis2.xml
      • services/
        • version.aar sample-foo.aar sample-boo.aar
        • addressing.mar soap-monitor.mar

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