Axis2 Sample Guidelines

All the samples in the Axis2 distro should show consistent behaviour.. In order to achieve that we should define our selves a set of guidelines to follow.

Following is a first draft of such a document.. It is by no means meant to be the final.. Please feel free to edit and improve whatever neccessary..

1. all the samples should adhere to following package structure.

2. all the sample should have ant builds.

3. Samples should use the jars in the ../../lib for the classpath .. (It would be great if we can first look for the AXIS2_HOME and then fall back to this.. But I still could not find how to do that conditional with ant )

4. All the samples should contain a Readme.txt explaining the the objective of the sample(what we expect the users to gain by looking at the sample) and how to use it. In the case of samples with GUI's readme.txt can be superseded by a index.html placed in the samples/<sample name>/docs directory. But the Readme.txt file needs to be present and should redirect the user to the docs/index.html

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