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 [http://wiki.apache.org/ws/FrontPage/Axis2/releases/1.1/release_note  Axis2 1.1 Release Note (DRAFT)]  [[http://wiki.apache.org/ws/FrontPage/Axis2/releases/1.1/release_note|Axis2 1.1 Release Note (DRAFT)]]
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 [http://wiki.apache.org/ws/FrontPage/Axis2/releases/experimental_features  Axis2 1.1 Experimental Features]  [[http://wiki.apache.org/ws/FrontPage/Axis2/releases/experimental_features|Axis2 1.1 Experimental Features]]
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 [http://wiki.apache.org/ws/FrontPage/Axis2/releases/1.1/release_artifacts Axis2 1.1 Release Artifacts]  [[http://wiki.apache.org/ws/FrontPage/Axis2/releases/1.1/release_artifacts|Axis2 1.1 Release Artifacts]]
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 [http://wiki.apache.org/ws/FrontPage/Axis2/axis2_std_build_list  Axis2 1.1 Standard Binary Build List]  [[http://wiki.apache.org/ws/FrontPage/Axis2/axis2_std_build_list|Axis2 1.1 Standard Binary Build List]]
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 [http://wiki.apache.org/ws/FrontPage/Axis2/releases/1.1/samples Axis2 1.1 Sample Guidelines]  [[http://wiki.apache.org/ws/FrontPage/Axis2/releases/1.1/samples|Axis2 1.1 Sample Guidelines]]
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 1. Fix [http://issues.apache.org/jira/secure/IssueNavigator.jspa?mode=hide&requestId=12311157 Blockers in JIRA]  1. Fix [[http://issues.apache.org/jira/secure/IssueNavigator.jspa?mode=hide&requestId=12311157|Blockers in JIRA]]

Axis2 1.1 Release


As per the vote and later postpone message, we are planning to have the Axis2 1.1 release on 29th September 2006.

Release progress of Axis2's dependent projects

  • Axiom: Done
  • XmlSchema : positive, Hopefully in the week starting from 18th Sep.

  • Woden : positive
  • Neethi2 - positive. Please update us about the *progress* of Axis2 integration.
  • Jibx - Positive


  • Need status of certain modules within Axis2. These modules are currently not part of the nightly build snapshots
    • JaxWs ?

    • Jaxbri ?
    • Jibx - Positive
    • Spring - Positive
  • (If we do not get satisfactory feedback, the release will be done *without* the above modules.)


  1. ADB unwrapping support - Done
  2. Setting custom HTTP headers through the client API - Done
  3. Attachment API - Done
  4. Public wsdls like ebay/salesforce/google/amazon should work
  5. support xsi:type - done
  6. helper generation
  7. http stubs and skels
  8. Fix Blockers in JIRA

Completed Features List

  1. AXIOM, an XML object model working on StAX (Streaming API for XML) parsing optimized for SOAP 1.1/1.2 Messages. This has complete XML infoset support.
  2. Support for One-Way Messaging (In-Only) and Request Response Messaging (In-Out).
  3. Module Architecture, mechanism to extend the SOAP Processing model.
  4. Module version support, can have multiple versions of the same module and use them depending on the requirement.
  5. Context hierarchy
  6. Archive based deployment model and Directory based deployment model
  7. JWS like deployment (making Java class into Web service)
  8. WSDL Code Generation tool for stubs and skeletons
  9. WS-Addressing, both the submission (2004/08) and final (2005/08) versions
  10. WSS4J module for security (Apache Rampart)
  11. Improved and user friendly Client API
  12. WSDL2Java and Java2WSDL
  13. REST (REpresentational State Transfer) Support
  14. Transports supports: HTTP, SMTP, TCP, JMS
  15. Raw XML & RPC providers

  16. Support for MTOM/ MIME/ SwA
  17. SAAJ implementation
  18. DOOM (OM DOM implementation)
  19. Pack/Unpack capability for the generated code
  20. Axis Data Binding - ADB (Framework and Schema Compiler)
  21. Transport framework improvements (ListenerManager)

  22. Module disengagemnt support
  23. Loading modules (.mar files) from classpath
  24. Sessions scoping for Application, SOAP, Transport and Request levels
  25. Server side and client side Web service Policy support
  26. ?wsdl and ?xsd support
  27. Dynamic ServiceClient generation for a given WSDL and invoking the corresponding service using generated client

  28. WSDL fault handling (fault code generation)
  29. SOAP 1.1 & 1.2, and HTTP binding generation (?wsdl)

  30. Streaming Attachments support for MTOM(SOAP Message Transamission Optimization Mechanism)
  31. URL based deployment mechanism (starting Axis with remote repository)
  32. Unexpanded war support (location of axis2.xml and repository can be specified in web.xml )

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