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Outline – Quick start guide

Quick introduction

  • Installation
  • Classpath

Your first client

  • WSDL2java URL
  • HelloWorld URL

  • Call service , print result

Using RPC ServiceClient to do the same thing

Your first service

  • POJO deployment with S HTTP server
  • Calculator
  • ?wsdl

Description of repository

  • Why it is needed
  • deploying POJO for Calculator
  • What else ......
  • Not just a class , but have many dependencies
  • Configuration not code

Service packaging

  • Why do I need an aar
  • More complicated calculator
  • why not to classpath

What is a module

  • how do I use module for my service
  • Using addressing module to get the async support

Generating a service using a WSDL

  • Generate helloworld service using the same wsdl in the first sample
  • point first client at the new service and invoke

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