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Axis2C Complete Features List

  1. AXIOM, an XML object model optimized for SOAP 1.1/1.2 Messages. This has complete XML infoset support.
  2. Support for One-Way Messaging (In-Only) and Request Response Messaging (In-Out)
  3. Module Architecture, mechanism to extend the SOAP processing model
  4. Context hierarchy
  5. Directory based deployment model
  6. Raw XML providers
  7. WS-Addressing, both the submission (2004/08) and final (2005/08) versions
  8. Transports supports: HTTP
    • o Both simple axis server and Apache2 httpd module

      o SSL client transport New

  9. Service Groups New

  10. Service client and operation client APIs New

  11. REST support (POST case) New

  12. Module version support New

  13. Archive based deployment Model New

  14. MTOM support New

Other notes

  1. Interoperability tested with Axis2/Java for XML in/out client and services
  2. Addressing 1.0 interoperability

Major changes since last release

  1. Full Addressing 1.0 support
  2. Improved fault handling model
  3. SSL client transport
  4. MTOM implementation
  5. Implementation of easy to use service client and operation client APIs for client side programming
  6. REST support (POST case)
  7. Module version support
  8. Archive based deployment Model
  9. Service Groups
  10. Numerous bug fixes since last release

Un-Implemented Architecture Features (TBD in 1.0)

  • Sessions scoping for Application, SOAP, Transport and Request levels
  • Different character encoding support

Un-Implemented Architecture Features (TBD post 1.0)

  • WSDL Code Generation Tool for Stub and skeletons (based on Java tool)
    • o Axis Data Binding - ADB
  • Security module
  • REST (REpresentational State Transfer) Support (GET case)
  • Server side Web Service Policy support
  • Axis2 Web Application (Web App)
    • o Built using PHP binding

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