Samitha Jayamal Kuruppu

TCPMon for Axis2/C

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Samitha Jayamal kuruppu


Project Description

Existing TCP Monitor in Axis2Java is a monitoring program. It can capture the SOAP messages sent and received. SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) Message is a well-formed XML document. Not only SOAP messages by using that we can monitor REST messages going as pure xml's without SOAP env's and standard HTMLs

And SOAP Message defines a set of rules for structuring messages that can be used for simple one-way messaging but is particularly useful for performing RPC-style (Remote Procedure Call) request-response dialogues. To monitor soap messages by using TCP monitor we select a local port which will monitor for incoming connections(messages), then it will forward those connections into port number on the target machine. If SOAP connection is made to the local port then we can see the request appear in the "Request" panel, and the response from the server in the "Response" panel. Existing Axis2Java TCP monitor has two main features,

My project is developing a TCP monitor in C witch has the same level of functionality but with out GUI, I’ll develop it in command line interface, including slow connection simulation. And I’m going to use Axis2java TCP monitoring architecture for my project.


This is the brief description about my TCP monitor project up to now. In past few days I learned about Socket programming and Threads in C language and start to write a simple program for access the network port. And also I have studied the files in util folder and get good idea about my TCP monitor project.So I’m starting to coding. First I’m going to write program for display the SOAP message request and response. After that I’ll develop other features. In today i'll start my first part of the project that is display the SOAP message request.