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Q -I am looking at the possibility of using Axis C++ client functionality such that a C++ client can send SOAP messages to the server that uses Axis Java installation.

1. Interoperability between the two- is it feasible?. What should I expect and what I should not from current version of Axis C++ cient?

2. What is meant by partial support of SOAP 1.1 and SOAP 1.2 in Axis C++. To what extent is support available for these standards and what is not. For the things in these standards that are not supported yet when is the support expected? Is it in pipeline?

3. How about using the C++ client on SGI IRIX6.5 operating system? Are there any known issues?

A - 1.The current version of Axis C++ client is capable of talking to Axis Java. It is inter operable to a certain extent. It was tested on windows. If there are any issues please post them in this mailing list.

2. Axis C++ has partial support for SOAP 1.1 and SOAP 1.2. The exact features which are supported and not supported have to be checked and updated in the documentation. (I am not exactly sure about the same).

3.As per my knowledge Axic C++ client has not yet been tested on SGI IRIX6.5 operating system. But there may be people in the community who have tested it.

Q - As I know Axis 1.1 is dependent upon Xerces and ApacheCore projects.I need to know all dependent projects of Axis1.1 Where can I find the source code of them?

A - It's not that Axis C++ is dependant on Xerces, expat or Apache.But you can decide the setup you want to use with Axis C++.The binary distribution of Axis 1.1 contains a common AxisServer.dll that you can use

with Apache 1.3.xx server (as server side http transport provider) using the provided apache module mod_axis.dll With Apache 2.xx.xx server(as server side http transport provider) using provided apache module mod_axis2.dll With provided SimpleAxisServer standalone http server. The binary distribution is compiled to be used with expat as its XML parser. But with the source code you can compile Axis C++ to use with xerces parser.

To get the required external header files / libraries / dlls(or so) you can download those distributions (expat or xerces,apache)

Expat - http://sourceforge.net/projects/expat/ Optionally, Xerces - http://xml.apache.org/xerces-c/ and the Apache web server (www.apache.org). Though this is not required to compile core Axis libs.

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