Q & A on Troubleshooting

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Q - I built all from scratch and ran the samples for the first time and all worked fine. But when samples are tried multiple times, they start working differently time to time.Why is that?

A - This problem is reported too early and now trying to figure out what the cause is. Odd thing is that this problem never occurs in windows. I guess that the problem here is at transport layer or dynamic library loading area.

Q - The host that I am using is Linux 2.6.3 i686 GNU/Linux compiler: g++ (GCC) 3.3.3 20040110 (prerelease) (Debian):There is a problem compiling a client stub. This is what the compiler tells:In file included:from /public/software/axis/axis_1_1_c/include/axis/server/AxisWrapperAPI.h:70, from /public/software/axis/axis_1_1_c/include/axis/client/Call.h:68, from SendEmailPortType.h:9, from SendEmailPortType.cpp:7: /public/software/axis/axis_1_1_c/include/axis/server/BasicHandler.h:87: aviso:  class HandlerBase' has virtual functions but non-virtual destructor /public/software/axis/axis_1_1_c/include/axis/server/SoapEnvVersions.h:120: aviso:  SoapEnvVersionsStruct gs_SoapEnvVersionsStruct[2]' defined but not used

A -

Q -After installing Apache I got the welcome page with the message deployment descriptor not found

A - There are several reasons for this.

The most frequent reason for this is that web server doesn't have write access to your log directory specified in the axiscpp.conf!!! Error message is misleading. Has not set the correct path to AXIS_HOME in the environment variable.For eg:-AXIS_HOME - C:\Program Files\Apache Group\Apache\Axis for Apache 1.3.x Has not placed Axiscpp.conf in the correct location.For eg: - Axis/axiscpp.conf Server.wsdd is not in the correct location.For eg:-[APACHE_HOME]\Axis\conf\server.wsdd Or server.wsdd contains syntax errors.

Q -Apache doesn't run.Why is that?

A - There are several reasons for this.

Environment variables are not set correctly. Path to the DLLs are not given in the PATH variable. Or the given path is incorrect.

Q - I want to realize the InteropBase webservice.I generated the server and client code automatically using wsdl2Ws tool according to the documents on website.In client main() method I write:void main() {

InteropTestPortType myBase; ArrayOfstring arrstrValue0; arrstrValue0.m_Array = new string;

arrstrValue0.m_Array = "Hello"; arrstrValue0.m_Size = 1; ArrayOfstring arrstrValue1 =

In server the code is: ArrayOfstring InteropTestPortType::echoStringArray(ArrayOfstring Value0) { return Value0; } When I run client program, it seems just data has been sent out to the server, but server has no reply, and the client is always waiting.My axis has been deployed correctly on apache 1.3.28. And when I realize echoInterger(...) method there is no problem. I found this many times but can not solve it. A - could you please use the latest release of Axis C++ (1.1) and see whether it is working for you. Please use the latest code generator too (WSDL2Ws tool)

Q - I'm trying to build the C++ client stub files using WSDL2Ws as shown here: http://ws.apache.org/axis/cpp/windev-guide.html.When I run the following command for the sample Calculator.wsdl: Java -classpath %classpath%;. org.apache.axis.wsdl.wsdl2ws.WSDL2Ws Calculator.wsdl -o./ClientOut -lc++ -sclient I dont get any errors, but when I try to run it for GoogleSearch.wsdl, I get the following error: args = args = args = the type found ={urn:GoogleSearch}DirectoryCategoryArray the type found ={urn:GoogleSearch}DirectoryCategory Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: org.apache.axis.wsdl.symbolTable.ElementDecl.getMinOccrs()I

A - What is happening is that Axis C++ (wsdl2ws.jar) has added methods to org.apache.axis.wsdl.symbolTable.ElementDecl, which is already contained in the Axis Java jar (axis.jar), and the version in axis.jar is being found first. You *may* be able to get around this by putting wsdl2ws.jar at the front of your classpath. The other solution is to unjar axis.jar and put org.apache.axis.wsdl.symbolTable.ElementDecl.class from wsdl2ws.jar in axis.jar.

Q - When I run my client code which loads the AxisClient_D.dll, I always was notified with "Invalid Address specified to RtlValidateHeap" exception by VC6.0. How to resolve this problem?

A - Need to compile the client project with "/MD"(or "/MDd"), the same as AxisClient_D.dll.

Q - I try to install Axis 1.2 to the Apache. But it doesn't work. I've got Problems with LoadModule. If I am editing the httpd.conf file apache will not start again. How can I resolve the Problem?

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