Proposal for Axis2 Micro Edition - Implementing light weight version of Axis2 for mobile devices.


Axis2ME provide the light weight implementation of Axis2 web service engine for mobile devices. Which will enable mobile device to communicate with web service world with standard ws* protocol stack.

The initial implementation will be based on Java J2ME, and we can think of C++ implementation for Symbian OS.

Bird's Eye View of Axis2ME

By Manoj Mallawaarachchie Email: <manoj AT SPAMFREE mobitellanka DOT com>


Senario 1

(I) Mobile device or any other device send XML formatted (We have to decide the format) SOAP message to end point MSISDN Via SMS.

(II) End point MSISDN has J2ME MIDP 2.0 enable client who can read SMS Inbox.

(III) J2ME client should have a capability of interprit the SOAP message and do some action. ( It can invoke remote procedure or send SOAP reply to requester.

Senario 2

Mobile client can request web service via GPRS and that web service send SOAP reply to mobile device via SMS.


Senario 3

3.1 SMS SOAP request to server

3.2 SMS SOAP request to mobile device


Component Stack


TO DO List

(i) Responsibilities of each component

(ii) Re work for Axis2 Core engine architecture suit for mobile device.


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