Proposal for EWS, Enterprise Web Services - A Web services / project to implement J2EE Web Services


EWS will provide an open-source implementation of J2EE web services specification based on Axis. JSR109 defines the Web Services for J2EE architecture.

J2EE Web Services does not interfere with the J2EE components functionality instead open a new avenue to access them as web services. This is a service architecture that leverages the J2EE component architecture to provide a client and server programming model which is portable and interoperable across application servers, provides a scalable secure environment, and yet is familiar to J2EE developers.

In addition to providing an implementation, a major focus of this project is to be the Web Service Stack of Geronimo J2EE Container. If there is enough interest and support, this project could later be promoted to a "regular" project under

About the name: "EWS" is shorten form of the Enterprise Web Services.

Scope of the subproject

The purpose of this subproject is to create and maintain an implementation of the J2EE web services specification and the security implementation for J2EE Web Services. .

Identify the initial source from which the subproject is to be populated

We have prototype code at Apache CVS ws-axis/contrib.*checkout*/ws-axis/contrib/ews

Identify the Web services resources to be created


Identify the initial set of committees

Identify apache sponsoring individual

Davanum Srinivas (

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