Proposal for Mirae - A Web services subproject to implement JSR 172

(0) Rationale

Mirae is a Web services sub-project to implement JSR 172. JSR 172 provides support for accessing Web services on the J2ME platform. It will deliver two new features to the J2ME platform:

ABOUT THE NAME: "Mirae" (pronounced 'mee re' (as in 'red')) means future in Korean. Also the Japanese word for future is "Mirai" .. which is nearly the same.

(1) Scope of the sub project

The purpose of this subproject is to create and maintain an implementation of the JSR-172 "J2ME Web Services" Specification (see:

(2) Identify the initial source from which the subproject is to be populated

Ias also has a prototype of parts of JSR 172 implemented. The team of Damitha, Jeyakumaran, Kurinchikumaran and Thayapavan, has used the parser api (Which is implemented by Ias) and implemented the webservices api. The work has necessary documentation, testcases and all are automated.

(3) Identify the Web services resources to be created

(3.1) Mailing list(s)

(3.2) SVN repository

(3.3) JIRA


(5)Identify the initial set of committers

Note that Ias, Sanjiva, Jeyakumaran, Damitha and Vairamuthu are already Apache committers.

(6) Current State

(7) identify apache sponsoring individual

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