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e.g. mvn test -Dsuite=message (case insen e.g. mvn test -Dsuite=message (case insensitive)

Sample Automation Framework for Synapse Samples - Usage

Open terminal and go to synapse home. Change directory to integration module

Running all the samples and generating logs

From the integration module, execute

mvn test

Log file named synapse-<timestamp>.log which contains the console output will be created inside $SYNAPSE_HOME/sampleAutomationLogs

Running all samples, generating logs and creating html report

mvn site

The report will be created as $SYNAPSE_HOME/modules/integration/target/site/sample_automation.html

Running a single sample

mvn test -Dtests=<sample_id>

e.g. mvn test -Dtests=7

Sample id is the sample number given in the documentation http://synapse.apache.org/Synapse_Samples.html

Running any number of preferred samples

mvn test -Dtests=<sample_ids_seperated_by_commas>

e.g. mvn test -Dtests=0,1,5,54,154,360,430

Running a predefined sample suite

mvn test -Dsuite=<suite_name>

e.g. mvn test -Dsuite=message (case insensitive)

Defined test suites:

  • Message - 0 to 16
  • Endpoint - 50 to 58
  • QoS - 100 to 102
  • Proxy - 150 to 155
  • Transport - 250 to 266
  • Advanced - 350 to 460
  • Eventing - 500 to 502

To add a new sample to the framwork, see FrontPage/Synapse/Samples/AutomationFramework/AddingNewSample

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