API Review

The Woden API needs to be reviewed and stabilized prior to a Woden 1.0 release. Although the Woden milestones release so far (M1 to M7) have defined an API, the main focus has been on WSDL2 functionality and completion of the W3C spec, not on achieving the 'right' API. Feedback from Woden users on those milestone releases has already driven improvements to the API. M8 will be the next and probably last milestone release. We would like to deliver a 1.0 release as soon as possible, with a stable API that we are prepared to commit to.

Several issues have been raised about the API. Some of those have already been resolved and tracked via JIRA. This wiki page addresses some of the issues that may require broader consideration before we're ready to start tracking code changes via JIRA. It should provide background information as a starting point for futher discussion on the woden-dev mailing list.

This page will be updated as that discussion progresses, for example, to capture important decisions or agreement. Anyone can raise API issues or add to the existing issues. They should post to the woden-dev mailing list if they can't edit the wiki. When we've agreed how to resolve these issues, they should be tracked as Woden JIRAs.


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