Woden Release Guide

The Woden release process involves many steps and checks. To keep compliant with Apache process requirements of WS it is important that it is followed.

  1. Build and test the current Woden release candidate. The 'dist" Maven profile is used to create the binary and source archives (.zip, .tar.gz, .tar.bz2) and the hash digests (md5, sha1) for each archive file. Use foolowing maven coomand to create above artifacts.

    mvn clean package assembly:assembly antrun:run -P dist

  2. Sign the binary and source archives, which will create a .asc signature file for each archive file.

    gpg --armor --output apache-woden-1.0M9.zip.asc --detach-sig apache-woden-1.0M9.zip
    gpg --verify apache-woden-1.0M9.zip.asc apache-woden-1.0M9.zip

  3. Upload the binary and source archives and their hash digests and signature files to people.apache.org into some directory path under your public_html directory so that you can include a link to the files in the [VOTE] request email. Also upload the KEYS file and release-notes.html from [woden root] and junit-noframes.html from the [woden root]/build/test-results/html directory. Make sure you chmod the file permissions so others can read them (e.g. 744).

    [jkaputin home]/public_html/woden/milestones/1.0M9
    ...is accessible at url...

  4. Check that you can download/unzip the files.
    Create hash digests of the downloaded archives and check them against the downloaded hash files.

    $ dir
    apache-woden-1.0M9.zip apache-woden-1.0M7a.zip.MD5
    $ cat apache-woden-1.0M9.zip.MD5
    $ md5sum apache-woden-1.0M9.zip
    3009d6f6fea14b7536c22028944bb03a *apache-woden-1.0M9.zip

  5. Post a vote request email to woden-dev asking devs to vote on the proposed M7b release. Post the voting results.
    When posting a vote request to any mailing list, start the subject line with the eye-catcher [VOTE].

  6. If woden-dev vote successful, post to general@ws.apache.org asking the WSPMC to approve a Woden release. Post the voting results.
    When posting a vote request to any mailing list, start the subject line with the eye-catcher [VOTE].

  7. If WSPMC vote successful, move all the release files from your public_html directory to the Woden file space on people.apache.org.

    cd /www/people.apache.org/dist/ws/woden
    cd milestones
    Create a new directory for the release (e.g. /1.0M9)
    Move the release files to this new directory.
    Copy the file release-notes.html to a new file called README.html in this new directory (this will ensure the release notes are displayed after the list of files, when this directory is accessed via the web).

    ...will be accessible via url...

  8. Once again, check that:
    • the file permissions are set correctly
    • you can download/unzip the files
    • the downloaded hash digests are correct

  9. Update the Woden web site (add the release download to the Builds page and add a News item announcing the release to the Woden home page).

  10. Post a release announcement to woden-dev, general@ws.

  11. Final step, which Axis2 folks will do, it to upload Woden release binary jar to a maven repository...I think Dims can upload to ws.zones.

Some example mailing list posts for reference:

[VOTE] woden-dev and WSPMC




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