You can check out the source code from the cvs repository and create a distribution. If you have maven installed it should be as easy as executing the to following commands:

% maven scm:checkout-project -Dmaven.scm.method=cvs -Dmaven.scm.cvs.module=ws-fx/wss4j/ -Dmaven.scm.checkout.dir=.

% maven dist

The first command will download the source code from the CVS repository. The second command (goal) will compile and build the distribution jar file you are looking for. If you don't have maven installed go to Maven for downloading and installation instructions.

OASIS Web Services Security

  1. WS Security with WSS4J

  2. The FAQ for WSS4J

  3. Configuration parameters for WSS4J

  4. Interop

  5. Matrix

  6. Refactored  classes

WS-SecureConversation and WS-Trust

  1. Interop

  2. Matrix

Sandesha (WS-ReliableMessaging)

  1. Sandesha FAQ

Implementing WS-* on top of Axis2

  1. Requirements

Proposals and discussions for WSS4J 2.0

  1. Near term goals

  2. Long(er) term goals

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