Near Term Goals

In this article we list and discuss new near-term features and enhancements for WSS4J 2.0. The structure of this article is similiar to the WSS4J FAQ: each feature gets a name, an entry in the table of contents, and a detailed description followed by the discussion. Each detailed description and discussion entry shall bear the author's name.

  1. Mavenize the build/test/deploy/release cycle

  2. Checkstyle/pmd the source tree

  3. Split the build into fewer components

  4. Port to Java 5

  5. OSGI bundling

Mavenize the build/test/deploy/release cycle

Author: Fred (Fred Dushin)

Use Maven (Maven 2) to build, test, deploy, and release WSS4J 2.0.

Checkstyle/pmd the source tree

Author: Fred (Fred Dushin)

Fred, please give a short description of the tasks to do, for example:

Split the build into fewer components

Author: Fred (Fred Dushin)

Reduce number of main components. Proposal: core, handler, and axis

Port to Java 5

Author: Fred (Fred Dushin)

using Java 5 language features: this might be a problem for some users

OSGI bundling

Author: Fred (Fred Dushin)

Fred, can you provide some details here?

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