JaxMe 0.3 Release Plan


Wiki are a quick and easy to formulate release plans. They are also easy to maintain. This is still a bit experimental and doesn't set any sort of precendence.

The 0.3 is a milestone release representing another step along the road to 1.0. It includes bug fixes and enhancements since the last release.


Release manager elected (Robert Burrell Donkin) and creation of a release plan approved. Starting work on pre-release work.

Ready for announcement

Pre Release Work


Bug Review

Review bugs in Jira

 JAXME-12     simpleContent extension self reference     
 JAXME-10     PATCH generated TypeHandler, Overly strict property/element ordering        
 JAXME-11     build.xml - generate    JaxMe Developers mailing list   
 JAXME-13     Element references don't use the proper type   
 JAXME-6      jaxme rejecting some WSDL schema's at use    
 JAXME-15     Invalid code generated with xsd:all elements    
 JAXME-14     documentation doesn't reflect latest release   

Suggested resolutions:

Act on any important fixes


Release Notes

Check Compatibility

Update instructions


Release Work

Create Release Candidate

Cutting Release

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