Web Services PMC Report for December 2008

Notable Happenings

After the last board report, the board sent us an inquiry about WS futures and structure, considering the wide breadth (the word "umbrella" came up :)) of the current project. This spurred a conversation within the PMC revolving around how (and if) we should split Axis2 off as a separate TLP. Although there was some broad acceptance of the idea, the conversation unfortunately devolved into some fairly acrimonious back-and-forthing at times, and we did not reach a successful resolution. We hope to revisit this in the coming weeks and try to achieve some consensus. In the meanwhile it's business as usual.

As part of that conversation, it was noted that we really should do a review of our sub-projects and see which ones need a) to be retired, b) a new injection of effort, or c) to be split off into TLPs. This will be happening in early 2009.

We have several new committers, including Danushka Menikkumbura, Dave Parsons, Chris Twiner, Benson Margulies and Dan Kulp.

We welcomed Nandana Mihindukulasooriya to the PMC.

Sadly, Dims has once again decided to take a break from the WS project. We wish him well and fervently hope he is able to return in the future.

Activity levels have been pretty standard for us, which is to say bursty.

Code Releases [since the last report]

Subproject News

(No news below means nothing particularly notable for the board occurred this quarter)

Apache Axis2

Apache Axis2 is the third generation Web service framework of the Apache Web service stack. A highly extensible message processing engine focused on SOAP messages, it includes plugins for services, transports, MessageReceivers, and Modules (message interceptors).

Axis2 is in the process of pulling together a 1.5 release. Many of the WSO2 guys are flat-out on a development effort there, so there are only a few of us working it. However it's mostly just a few bug fixes and getting the good work that's already happened post-1.4.1 into an official release. Hope to release a beta by Dec 20, and perhaps get the release out the door by the end of the year.


Apache Kandula is an implementation of Web Services Coordination, Atomic Transaction and Business Activity protocols. The project provides implementations for both Apache Axis (kandula-1 branch) and Apache Axis2 (kandula-2 branch) platforms.

Apache Axis

Apache Axis is a web services framework implementing the W3C SOAP standard.

Apache Woden

Woden is an open source Java implementation of the W3C WSDL 2.0 specification.


JaxMe 2 is an open source implementation of JAXB, the specification for Java/XML binding.

Apache Scout

Apache Scout is an implementation of the JSR 93 (JAXR), which is a java API to XML registries such as jUDDI.

Apache jUDDI

jUDDI (pronounced "Judy") is an open source Java implementation of the Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration (UDDI) specification for Web Services.

Apache Rampart

Rampart provides the WS-Security and WS-SecureConversation support for Apache Axis2 using Apache WSS4J as the base. The configuration model uses the WS-Policy framework and supports WS-SecurityPolicy specification. The "Rahas" module in Rampart implements the WS-Trust specification with a security token service implementation and a client API to carry out token exchanges with the security token service.

Apache Rampart/C

Apache Rampart/C is the security module for Apache Axis2/C. It's an effort to implement WS-Security Specification 1.0. Rampart/C also comes with an XML-Crypto library known as OMXMLSecurity. In addition Apache Rampart/C configurations are based on security policy assertions as per WS-Security Policy specification 1.1

Apache Sandesha2

Sandesha2 is an implementation of WS-ReliableMessaging specifications for Apache Axis2. By using Sandesha2 you can add reliable messaging capability to the Web services you have hosted in Axis2. You can also use Sandesha2 with Axis2 client to interact with already hosted web services in a reliable manner.

Apache Sandesha2/C

Sandesha2/C is a C implementation of WS-ReliableMessaging specifications(both 1.0 and 1.1) for Apache Axis2/C projects. Sandesha2/C is inter operable with Axis2/Java implementation and .net implementations.

Apache Savan

Savan is a Publisher/Subscriber implementation for Apache Axis2.

Apache Savan/C

Savan/C is a Publisher/Subscriber implementation for Apache Axis2/C projects written in C Language.

Apache Axis2/C

Apache Axis2/C is an effort to implement Axis2 architecture in C. Apache Axis2/C can be used to provide and consume Web Services.

Apache WSIF

Apache Web Services Invocation Framework (WSIF) is a simple Java API for invoking Web services, no matter how or where the services are provided as long as it is described in WSDL.

Apache WS-Commons

Apache WS-Commons is a collection of projects that are primarily used as parts of various WS projects but useful even outside the WS space. WS-Commons houses Apache Axiom - the streaming XML object model, Apache XmlSchema - an object model to manipulate XML schema documents, Apache Neethi - the WS-Policy implementation and various other smaller projects such as tcpmon.

The XmlSchema subproject acquired two new committers from CXF-land, and did a new release.

Apache Muse

Apache Muse is a Java implementation of WS-ResourceFramework, WS-Notification, and WS-DistributedManagement. It provides code generation tools and APIs that aid users in creating standards-compliant interfaces for manageable resources. Muse-based interfaces can be deployed in a J2EE or OSGi environment.

Apache XML-RPC

Apache XML-RPC is a Java implementation of XML-RPC, a popular protocol that uses XML over HTTP to implement remote procedure calls.

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