Status report for the Web Services Project

Notable Happenings

Muse project has accepted a contribution from IBM which will be the basis for a combined implementation of the WS-RF, WS-Notifications, WS-Lifetime and WSDM specifications. The contributed codebase will also allow the software to be a pluggable architecture for adding a developers own implementation of a given spec. This is part of the collapsing of WSRF and Pubscribe into the Muse project and moving towards deployment to Axis 2.

Activity in the Woden project is heating up. The W3C is planning a WSDL 2.0 interop event] to be held at the IBM Toronto Lab, July 5-7. The W3C has developed an XML format for comparing WSDL 2.0 Component Model instances generated by implementations and Woden now supports this format and has published results against the W3C Test Suite]. The Woden implementation has been upgraded to support all the extensions described in Part 2 of the specification. Work is now underway to integrate Woden into Axis2 for the interop event. A Woden presentation entitled Apache Woden WSDL 2.0 Processor will also be given an ApacheCon Europe on June 28.

Axis2/C is doing great and is moving towards 1.0.0 with 0.92 release planned for mid of June 2006. There has been two new committers, Sanjaya and Nabeel. Axis2/C is gradually becoming feature complete with full MTOM and WS-Addressing support already built in.

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