Status report for the Web Services Project

Noteable Happenings

Axis2 developers will meet for their second face to face meeting at Colombo (Sri Lanka) on 29th,30th,31st of March. For more information please refer to wiki

JOnAS certified J2EE 1.4 with Axis. The JOnAS team has privatised axis 1.2 RC2 to make changes and has contributed back modifications.

Apollo successfully participated in the OASIS WSRF Interop. The team has taken on new commtters.

Muse team is currently implementing the necessary services for the upcoming WSDM Interop. This marks the project's movement towards WSDM 1.0. An Alpha release is slated for AFTER the WSDM Interop occurs.

Hermes team has taken on new committers. The Hermes name is up for review, please see legal issues below. An Alpha release of Hermes is slated for AFTER the WSDM Interop occurs.

After heavy pressing from the user community, the XML-RPC project has been revitalized by adding three existing Apache committers to the project.

Code Releases [since the last report]

First milestone release of the Apache Axis2 is announced. The developers expects the release will lead to important feedback from the developer community, and the interactions will eventually yield a better architecture for the next generation SOAP engine.

Axis 1.2 RC3 released. Pass Standalone TCK tests (JAX-RPC + SAAJ), still working with JOnAS team to pass J2EE TCK (switching to Axis CVS instead of private version).

jUDDI 0.9 RC4 will be released immediately following the release of Axis 1.2 Final. jUDDI 0.9 Final will be released approximately 2-3 weeks later.

Muse Alpha V0.5 was released on February 10, 2005.

Apollo Alpha V2.0 was released in early March 2005.

A beta release of JaxMe 0.4 was released on 2005-Apr-12, followed by the final release on 2005-May-19.

A beta release of XML-RPC 2.0 was released on 2005-Apr-27, followed by the final release on 2005-May-25.

New Projects

Apollo, Muse and Hermes (? will change) trademark issues are being reviewed. Currently we've heard that Apollo and Muse are fine, the Hermes dev-list voted on new names and the list is currently under legal review.

Cross-Project Issues

Problems with committers, members, projects etc?


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