Web Services PMC Report for March 2008

Notable Happenings

Dims is back! :) Reinstated to the PMC.

Elected new PMC members : Afkham Azeez, Keith Chapman

Legal: We added Rampart, Rampart/C, and WSS4J to the export controls page and duly notified the gov't in order to come into compliance with crypto policy.

Sayonara, Synapse - best of luck as a TLP!

Nothing that requires board attention this time around.

Subproject News

The following are the specifics for each project that has had significant activity during this quarter. If a project is not mentioned below, there's nothing to report.


Activity has been steady.

Planning for the 1.4 release continues after a bit of a slow start. We're now in the midst of scrubbing JIRA for must-fix issues. Dims has been voted release manager and we're hoping to get an RC out very soon.

As the world seems to be moving in an OSGi-ish direction, we've been adding OSGi metadata to our packages, including Axis2.


No notable happenings.


Since graduating from the incubator in Dec. Woden's infrastructure has been migrated to the Web Services project. Woden is still working towards an M8 release. While some time constraints have pushed back this release progress has been made recently and work is underway on the last feature for the M8 release, validation of the WSDL 2.0 assertions. We've also seen progress on Woden serialization, a key post M8 feature being implemented by a Woden contributor.

Xml Schema

Ajith has been pulling together a 1.4 release collecting a lot of recent improvements, which we hope to have out soon. Currently at RC2 (as of March 14th), expect the release by EOM at latest.


  1. Axis2/C 1.3.0 Released 3rd March 2008
  2. Three New Committers
    • Bill Mitchell
    • Senaka Fernando
    • Lahiru Gunathilake
  3. Fixed 150+ issues since 1st of Jan 2008


No notable happenings since the last board report.

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