Status report for the Web Services Project

Notable Happenings


Axis2/C effort was initiated last month. The discussions with this regard are taking place over the axis-c-dev list. There has been some active development implementing AXIOM in C. Like in the Java Axis front, Axis2C effort would run in parallel with Axis C++ 1.x effort.

Code Releases [since the last report]

New Projects

Woden Incubator

We posted a Woden milestone plan in September covering M1 at end-Sept through to M5 in Jan 2006. Completion of the initial project objective, full WSDL 2.0 functionality, is targetted for M4 end-Nov. M1 was release on Mon 3 Oct and included most but not all of the planned scopd. M3 and M4 will be busy periods. M5 and future plans will emerge as we approach M4 and start thinking about other Woden objectives like WSDL 1.1 conversion and StAX XML parsing for the Axis community. We are using the woden-dev mailing list for communication and discussion and recently held our first conference call - although not all participants could make the call, it helped confirm the Milestone plan and resolve some technical issues. Most of the development is currently being done by 2 committers and this may continue up to M3/M4, by which time we will have a suitable base for others to start building on.

TSIK incubator

The TSIK project had some usable interaction with on how to modularize TSIK, to both break out components for potential common use, as well as reuse existing ASF code (SOAP messaging stack, for example).

The next few months will be crucial for TSIK. There is increasing interest in various types of identity protocols -- federated or not -- and how they are usable within web services (see TSIK road map for further discussion). This could be an area where TSIK could be a driving force.

Synapse Incubator

Synapse had a productive face-to-face meeting in silicon valley in September, and a basic architectural framework on top of Axis2 has been agreed upon. A number of Axis2 and Synapse committers met the following week in Sri Lanka, and fleshed things out a bit more. The development mailing list is slowly but steadily picking up, and we hope to begin crafting the codebase, pulling from the Infravio XBroker contribution and other sources as appropriate, in the near future. Lines of communication need to be maintained with other projects such as ServiceMix and Mule as we move forward, and we're very excited by the interest level in this project. See Synapse for details.

Cross-Project Issues

Problems with committers, members, projects etc?

Subproject News


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