Status report for the Web Services Project

Noteable Happening's

There was a face-to-face meeting (held in Colombo, Sri Lanka hosted by the Lanka Software Foundation) to discuss and architect Axis2, a major re-write of the Axis SOAP engine. We're designing it a language independent manner as much as possible and then doing a Java implementation first with the idea of the C++ implementation following suit ASAP. In addition to the base SOAP engine there will be implementations of WS-Security, WS-Secure Conversation, WS-Trust, WS-Reliable Messaging, WS-Atomic Transactions and WS-Coordination at least on top of the base engine. All of these projects already exist on top of the current Axis and they will be re-targtted to the new and improved Axis.

Details of the meeting and links to the minutes and design documents etc. can be found at:

Code Releases [since the last report]

* JaxMe 0.3, with surprisingly many responses from the users, in particular bug reports, but also a lot of patches with high quality.

* JaxMe 0.3.1, in response to bug reports.

* Axis/C++ released several new versions - v1.2 and currently at v1.3beta. v1.3 final is due out fairly soon. After a few more 1.* releases (basically after the 1.* family is stable and matured) we hope to shift focus to Axis2/C++.

New Projects

Cross-Project Issues

Problems with committers, members, projects etc?


* Sandesha

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