The SimpleAxisServer is just that, a simple http server that can be used for demos, debugging, and performance profiling.

It is not intended for production use.

Feel free to post questions about it If you have a bug or feature request for this class it would be best to supply the patch and detailed test case when you report the bug. This class is a low priority and is not likely to see much attention from the core developers.

The default usage of the server is:

java org.apache.axis.transport.http.SimpleAxisServer 

The following jars need to be on the classpath (as a minimum):

(*) These are not included in the distribution, and must be downloaded from

Additionally the following options can be specified:

-t <argument>

Specify the maxium pool size for the server.  This is the maxium number of simultaneous connections (threads) the server can accept (run). The default is 100.

-m <argument>

This is the maxium number of sessions the server will run. Again, the default is 100.

-p <argument>

This is the port number the server will use to run. The default is 8080 which is also used by Tomcat. Unexpected results will occur if you start the server on a port that is already in use.

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