Summer of code 2005 Proposal for Guththila - StAX C Parser




Project Title


In order to start Axis2 C port we should have to have StAX parser in C. In this summer hope to rewrite Guththila in C and have it as StAX C parser under apache 2.0 licenning


  1. Integrate Guththila current Version with axis C++ and make some test cases.
  2. Come up with a State machine for Guththila C version
  3. Guththila C version with namespace support.
  4. Guththila C version with encoding support.

Project Details

With the basic Idea of Increasing Performance of axis c++ "Guththila" was initiated. It just need to parse soap messages. ( SOAP requests and SOAP responses). It should have basic soap messages parsing with namespaces support. "Guththila" compliant with namspace support

you can have latest version of Guththila from Here

Project Plan

For this summer I have two different main goals.

Integrating Present parser with Axis C++ will be carried out in two steps, First I need to implement XMLParser interface with Guththila. That XMLParser interface basically designed to integrate SAX parsers. Here what I happen to do is interface StAX parser with SAX interface.Then I need to integrate implemented parser interface with current build. In my sense this will be a critical task for me. because need to get more things from the axis c++ developers. After integrating it with axis C++ current build need to have some test cases in order to demonstrate the scenario.

Rewriting Guththila in C will be carried out in major three phases.

Though current version of Guththila has stable state machine , need to study on it more and understand throughly how it works. Then base on it I can come up with a C implementation. With a stable state machine need to add namespace support and encoding support. since encoding work is something Im quite familer with hope to concern on more on state machine and namespace support.

Project Schedule

Weekly Plan


I'm a student of Department of Computer Science and Engineering , University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka. Now I'm in Level 3. I have worked on "Guththila" project for last four months. I was working on it to add encoding support.

I'm a Linux fan and emacs user. I'm sure if you get to use Debian you can't make you're mind to use any other OS or Linux distribution and if you get to use emacs you can't make you're mind to use any other editor


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