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Describe SummerOfCode/2005/guththila/31 here.

Week ending 31st of July 2005

  • Finishing Integration and Starting Work on Guththila C implementation

Current Status

Now calculator example works with guththila.

First I started server and then Edited axiscpp.conf's


then ran Calculator client example it works fine with it.

Then I tried to run base client example. But it gives

$ ./base http://localhost:9091/axis/base invoking echoString...

hello world hello world Unknown exception has occured

invoking echoString...

hello world hello world Unknown exception has occured

invoking echoString...

hello world hello world Unknown exception has occurred

I was able to run RpcFault example and ref example using guththila as client side xml parser.

I tried to write ant build scripts to build Guththila and its XMLParser interface. But I was unable to integrate them to main build.xml (in axis c++) file

I wrote two build files to Guththila and it XMLParser interface.

  • Building Guththila
    • build.xml file located in /usr/local/axiscpp/src/guththila/ directory build with ant command ($ant) build.xml will build libguththila.so and move it to /usr/local/axiscpp_deploy/lib
  • Building Guththila's XMLParser Interface
    • build.xml file is located in /usr/local/axiscpp/src/xml/guththila/ directory build with ant command ( $ant) build.xml will build libaxis_guththila.so and will move it to /usr/local/axiscpp_deploy/lib

  • After building build files I send them to axis-c-dev to commit those files to CVS. at that point got to know I couldn't have seperate build files to build guthththila and guththila XMLParser interface, therefore I need to integrate them with main build.
  • In order to add gutthila and it's XMLParser interface implementation to main build ( axis-c++) , I need to look at build.Linux.Propeties , buildXMLParser, and build.xml , after editting them tried in local machine. It works fine in local machine.
  • Since I'm using axis-c-1.5 final version build files looks quite old and I happened to get a fresh check out and change build.common.Propeties instead of build.Linux.Propeties. after changing them tried to build guththila with axis c++ , but it reports an error because in fresh checkout XMLParser.h has a method called

"peek ()" I didn't implemented in my XMLGuththilaParser. After I implemented it guthtila builds without any problem.

  • I have a guththila/src guththila/include guththila/lib ... directory structure. But having that directory structure inside the axis-c++ is violating axis-c++ directory structure , so I put all the header files and cpp files into ws-axis/c/src/guththila. Again I happend to change build files. In this time BUILD FAILED giving

error. Saying "guththila/lib doesn't presant".

  • buildXMLParser.xml file carries a line
    • <!-- Additional library of XMLParser -->

      • <libset dir="${dir.xmlParser}/lib" libs="${xmlParserLibrary}" unless="os400"/>

    I think that's why It reports an error saying "guththila/lib" not presant. I created lib directory while compiling inside the guththila directory and put libguththila.so there. Then got BUILD SUCESSFULL
  • Still don't know creating lib directory inside src/guthtila is violating convensions of axis-c++, trying to get to know from axis-c-dev's

Working On Guththila C Implementation

  • As scheduled I started working on guththila c implementaion this week. I suppose to coming up a prototype which have basic tokenizing. But I was unable to come up with a prototype. Hope to finish it soon.

Guththila C Directory Structure
  • (jpg's will upload soon)

Guththila C Architecture
  • (jpg's will upload soon)

Special Notes

  • I suppose to comeup with a prototype this week. But I was unable to come up with a working prototype. There is a catch up for next week

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