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Axis2/C CGI application


  • Axis2/C is a C version of a popular SOAP (1.1 and 1.2) web service server. It's main advantages are speed, flexibility and stability. It can work as a standalone daemon or can be integrated into IIS and Apache (mod_axis2 module). Looking at community feedback there has been several requests for this type of Axis2/C service calls. What I will do here is write a CGI executable so it can be integrated even widely and easily. CGI is an abbreviation for the Common Gateway Interface, a standard format for communication between a web server and a extension: Axis in this case.


  • Program will be implemented in C due to scalability, speed, security and portability. HTTP POST input will be parsed from stdin according to CGI specification, then Axis2/C engine will be invoked given the corresponding parameters, do its job, and give some output that program will return according CGI output specifications.

Time table

  • up to 31. April - thorough study of axis C core and modules code, study of messages in tcpmon between server and client, study CGI specs in detail
  • up to 10. May - come up with a best method to integrate or call Axis2/C engine, make a list of necessary modification, consult with mentors
  • up to 20. May - make a skeleton of CGI program according to CGI specs that receives, parses and returns (bogus) data from/to server
  • up to 10. June - implement basic call to Axis2/C engine, prepare for mid evaluation
  • up to 1. July - finish implementing Axis engine with CGI executable
  • up to 12. July - testing and writing documentation
  • up to 25. July - make needed modifications to Makefile(s)
  • up to 1. August - prepare everything for submission to Google


  • Nikola is a fourth year student on Faculty of Engineering and Computing in Zagreb, Croatia. He was interested in computer programming from his early days (logo, basic) and continued to work and program as his education continued, mainly participating in math and programing competitions, his biggest high school achievement is participating in ACSL, and scoring second best result in individual category in year 2002 (Junior Division). In his faculty years he began to study and practice web programing languages like php and asp, has learned solid c and c++ as well as java basics among many other. He instantly fell in love with php programming and web design, and started his own small web studio with his friend (www.truestudio.net). He is now also working with its faculty web team for a year now, where he got most of his *nix web architecture knowledge and "open source" way of thinking.


  • As an one of many consumers of web hosting services, I come very limited when it comes to administrating server functionalities, mostly I'm lucky enough if I have ordinary shell access. Installing new modele to Apache comes right out of the question, just like applying any modification to it. What I have is basic widely used cpanel software for managing my needs. So it is just that, I need a different way of making my Axis web service server work, and there's where CGI kicks in, and lets not forget users with out Apache or IIS but with CGI support also.

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