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Candidate Tuscany Logos

There's been a bit of discussion about logos for Tuscany so lets treat this as a gallery for hanging candidates.

Having trawled for Tuscan landscapes, I'm not sure they lend themselves too well to being a logo, a bit busy, so I have briefly tried the "Script-Fu" text "logoization" capapibility of the gimp (http://www.gimp.org/). I can post the landscape candidates here if anyone wants to see them, but its a bit of an effort to make so many attachments.

The tree image is of a cypress, often found in Tuscan landscapes, and I think it is a bit reminiscent of the apache feather. The background of the tree image here is transparent, so it would go well into colour schemes with other backgrounds. The text looks a bit flat to me, but I or someone else could titivate that without too much trouble. Of course we would scale these down, but there's no point in throwing away info yet.


This tiled image just gave me a feel for Roman mosaics, bringing in the Italian connection, but I think it may be a bit busy.


Ed: How about something like this:


or its derivatives:

||tusc_mod1.jpg||tusc_mod2.jpg||tusc_mod3.jpg ||tusc_mod4.jpg||tusc_mod5.jpg||tusc_mod6.jpg ||tusc_mod7.jpg||tusc_mod8.jpg||tusc_mod9.jpg ||tusc_mod10.jpg||tusc_mod11.jpg

Jojo: These two are what I could come up with.



Haleh:I used powerpoint to draw this. If we like the idea, we can use photoshop to make the trees pointed and put a nice hill behind the house or I can draw it with ink Pen.


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