Tuscany Scenarios

Following discussions on dev, here is an first bash at some scenarios. Obviously this is a work in progress and currently just my thoughts not those of the team. Comments and corrections wanted. From example, what makes scenario 2 & 4 different... come to think of it what is the different between 1 & 3 ? so should these only be two ? Note, 2 & 4 are not about service composition, nor is there anything about being able to switch the implementation that is used and many other things already being thought of & implemented

Enchancing an existing application

An internet service provider has a web site that allows potential new customers to request their current internet service. The current implementation cannot a check the person's credit rating, so processing the order requires a sales person to check availability before processing the order. The company wants to reduce this cost and can achieve this by automating this step of the ordering process.

There are a number of options to solve this requirement, depending on whether the company already has this capabilitity or if it wants to make use of a 3rd party to provide this capability.

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Once the service to be used has been identified, it can be consumed by the existing application