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[wiki:/M1Tasks Tasks that were completed for the M1 C++ release] [[/M1Tasks|Tasks that were completed for the M1 C++ release]]

Tasks for our M2 C++ release

Here is a tentative list of tasks for our second release.

This is NOT a project plan. This is just a tentative list of tasks for discussion


  • [RC1]: We've reached a consensus that we want to do this work for Release Candidate 1 of our M2 release.

  • [OUT]: We're not going to work on this for our M2 release.

Please don't hesitate to volunteer and add your name to the tasks you want to work on...

Outstanding JIRA issues

SDO function

  • [RC1] Stdcxx as a build option on Linux and Windows. Not used in binary release (Geoff)

  • [RC1] Support for an identified level of the SDO spec (2.01)

SCA function

  • Exceptions
    • Refactoring of exception hierarchy in core & extensions.

  • Extensions
    • [RC1] CPP, WS, SCA, Python, Ruby included in binary release (Pete)

    • Python extension
      • [RC1] Alter name of extension Python module from TuscanySCA to SCA (Andy, done).

      • Re-jig the core to allow Python components to not require a .componentType side file.
      • Enable passing structured data to Python scripts in addition to simple types (using Python ElementTrees for example).

    • PHP extension
      • Add reference & property support to components and a client API (a locateService method)

    • Javascript extension using Mozilla Spider-monkey
    • All scripting-language extensions
      • Bind a global variable (some form of global variable "injection") to the services available in the current composite instead of forcing the client to call a locateService function or method.
    • REST binding
      • Complete this based on Axis2C support or
      • Come up with an even lighter implementation directly as an Apache httpd module.
  • [RC1] Support for an identified level of the SCA assembly (0.96) and C++ C&I specs (0.95)


  • BigBank

    • Model the Web client part as an SCA composite as well (in PHP if the PHP extension is ready).
  • SupplyChain

    • Use SupplyChain to illustrate the integration of composites developed in multiple languages, C++, Ruby or PHP and Java for example.

  • New samples for new extensions or functionality: Ruby/Python/PHP/REST/...
  • A sample showing how to turn existing C and/or C++ code into an SCA component.
  • Real life samples, talking to Google, Yahoo and Amazon Web Services for example.
  • [OUT] A single helloworld sample

  • [RC1] Calculator, PythonCalculator, RubyCalculator, BigBank, RubyBank (Andy, done)


  • Script or make option integrated into builds to deploy & run all tests.

  • Extra tests


  • [RC1] How to build SDO (with or without stdcxx) and SCA (Andy, done)

  • [RC1] How to build/run the samples for SDO/SCA (Andy, done)

  • [RC1] Describe the new SCA language extensions progamming models in the samples (Andy, done)

  • [RC1] New language extensions (Andy, done)

  • [RC1] Release notes

    • Include list of limitations in respect to Spec support (Sebastien)
  • How to deploy/use Tuscany with Apache httpd + the Axis2C axis2_mod.
  • [RC1] How to turn existing C and/or C++ code into an SCA component (Andy, done)

  • How to set up the environment, install or build our runtime, write and run a first SCA app
  • Short design docs describing the key aspects of our design (e.g. our extensibility story) for people who want to understand how the runtime works and contribute to it.
  • How to use Axis REST support with SCA


  • [RC1] Simplify and open our tuscany-root folder structure to allow people to choose the structure that best fits their environment. (Sebastien, done)


  • [RC1] Linux

  • [RC1] Windows (VC6)

  • Mac OS-X


  • [RC1] Axis2C 0.94

Release Requirements

  • [RC1] Update Licence text in source files to the new Apache wording (Pete)

  • [RC1] Update release build scripts

    • Linux - RHEL4 (Sebastien)
    • Windows - MSVC6 & command line (Pete)

Tasks that were completed for the M1 C++ release

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