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at the end of the discussion the extracted files looked like this attachment:sdo_distribution.zip at the end of the discussion the extracted files looked like this [[attachment:sdo_distribution.zip]]

An IRC Chat Transcript that will form the basis of a description of how to build distributiuons using maven

at the end of the discussion the extracted files looked like this sdo_distribution.zip

        <kgoodson_away> jboynes are you there?
        =-=     YOU are now known as kgoodson
        [INFO]  You are no longer marked as away.
        <jboynes>       yes but otp
        <kgoodson>      ok, np, perhaps later
        <jboynes>       10 min?
        <kgoodson>      sure, thanks
        <kgoodson>      lresende did you see that jeremy will be available soon?
        <lresende>      yes
        <jboynes>       winding up :)
        <kgoodson>      ok, great, let us know when you are free
        <lresende>      i'm ready too kgoodson
        <jboynes>       ok, sorry about that
        <jboynes>       these things always seem to run long
        <kgoodson>      no problem, its about the separate packaging thread on the mailing list
        <jboynes>       ok
        <kgoodson>      lresende pinged me to say he was thinking of the ssame for das
        <jboynes>       saw your note - that should be trivial
        <jboynes>       doing that for das would be simple
        <jboynes>       as well
        <kgoodson>      ok, thats great, but im a true novice, so how can we best make use of your expertise, can you take us through what we need to do?
        <jboynes>       sure
        <lresende>      great
        <jboynes>       have you had a chance to look at the assembly plugin?
        <kgoodson>      i took a look at the web page you mentioned, but haven't delved into detail
        <jboynes>       want a quick summary?
        <kgoodson>      yes please
        <jboynes>       ok
        <jboynes>       what it does is enable you to produce distribution assemblies as part of the build
        <jboynes>       it gathers together all the files etc. and generates an output archive as a zip/tgz/rpm etc.
        <jboynes>       it doesn't compile/test or anything, it really just assembles stuff together
        <jboynes>       it is configured using two sources: the pom and an assembly descriptor
        <jboynes>       the pom is a standard maven pom and defines what the dependencies are and what version to use
        <jboynes>       the descriptor defines the layout of the distribution archive
        <jboynes>       so what output directories there are and what files go in them
        <jboynes>       files come from two sources - things in the assembly project itself or dependencies in the pom
        <jboynes>       ok, I just committed a skeleton in java/distribution/sdo
        <jboynes>       it is not complete yet ;)
        <kgoodson>      thats great, but I have been having lots of trouble with svn update today, so i'll see if i can get it out
        <lresende>      ok, i'm getting that... i'll take a look
        <jboynes>       ok, update again :)
        <jboynes>       I added an empty assembly descriptor as well
        <kgoodson>      so we just run plain "mvn" against the pom file in distro/sdo yes?
        <jboynes>       yes that should work
        <jboynes>       if you "jar tvf target/sdo-1.0-SNAPSHOT-bin.zip" you should see it contains license and notice files
        <kgoodson>      jboynes i get a build error
        <kgoodson>      just investigating -- here it is ...
        <kgoodson>      Error reading assemblies: Error locating assembly descriptor file: C:\Development\Tortoise\1\distribution\sdo\src\main

and indeed the folder is empty, despite another svn update
        <jboynes>       sorry, update again
        <jboynes>       that is the error you get when you forget to check in the descriptor
        <kgoodson>      np, rebuilding now :-)
        <kgoodson>      yes, i see the zip files in target now
        <jboynes>       ok, so we have the plugin executing and building an archive based on the descriptor
        <jboynes>       the legal files are added by the <fileSets> element in the descriptor
        <kgoodson>      ok, i see that
        <jboynes>       you can add any files you want from this module
        <jboynes>       useful for readmes and other things that relate to the distro
        <jboynes>       the other element in there is <dependencySets> which allow you to add dependencies from the pom
        <jboynes>       and which also add all transitive deps as well
        <jboynes>       so lets add the sdo impl
        <kgoodson>      sounds good!
        <jboynes>       first we declare a dependency in the pom
        <jboynes>       http://rafb.net/paste/results/XVkO3n83.html
...   insert ...
Index: pom.xml
--- pom.xml     (revision 430389)
+++ pom.xml     (working copy)
@@ -24,9 +24,17 @@
     <description>Tuscany Distribution for SDO.</description>
-        <sca.version>1.0-SNAPSHOT</sca.version>
+        <sdo.version>1.0-SNAPSHOT</sdo.version>
+    <dependencies>
+        <dependency>
+            <groupId>org.apache.tuscany</groupId>
+            <artifactId>tuscany-sdo-impl</artifactId>
+            <version>${sdo.version}</version>
+        </dependency>
+    </dependencies>
... end insert ...

        <kgoodson>      got that thanks
        <jboynes>       and then we include the dependency in the assembly
        <jboynes>       http://rafb.net/paste/results/5cUG5q80.html

... insert ...

Index: src/main/assembly/sdo.xml
--- src/main/assembly/sdo.xml   (revision 430393)
+++ src/main/assembly/sdo.xml   (working copy)
@@ -33,6 +33,13 @@
+        <dependencySet>
+            <outputDirectory>lib</outputDirectory>
+            <includes>
+                <include>org.apache.tuscany:tuscany-sdo-impl</include>
+            </includes>
+            <fileMode>644</fileMode>
+        </dependencySet>
Index: pom.xml
--- pom.xml     (revision 430389)
+++ pom.xml     (working copy)
@@ -24,9 +24,17 @@
     <description>Tuscany Distribution for SDO.</description>
-        <sca.version>1.0-SNAPSHOT</sca.version>
+        <sdo.version>1.0-SNAPSHOT</sdo.version>
+    <dependencies>
+        <dependency>
+            <groupId>org.apache.tuscany</groupId>
+            <artifactId>tuscany-sdo-impl</artifactId>
+            <version>${sdo.version}</version>
+        </dependency>
+    </dependencies>

... end insert ...

        <kgoodson>      ok
        <jboynes>       (update to get the changes)
        <kgoodson>      done
        <jboynes>       if you build now and jar t the archive you should see it contain the sdo jar plus all of its dependencies
        <kgoodson>      yes i have that!
        <kgoodson>      and it has dragged the api by way of the transitive nature of dependencies
        <jboynes>       yes
        <jboynes>       that's basically it
        <kgoodson>      ok, so the pattern is established fully , yes? I guess I'll need to put in javadoc, readme, samples, tooling for code gen, do you think I am now set to do all that
        <jboynes>       I think the pattern is there
        <kgoodson>      jboynes, many thanks for your time
        <jboynes>       the only thing is I would suggest setting up a directory under source where things like readme and scripts can go
        <jboynes>       e.g. src/main/"something"
        <jboynes>       and add that as a second fileset
        <kgoodson>      so juyst to be clear, that's under distribution/sdo/src/main
        <jboynes>       yes
        <jboynes>       e.g src/main/distrib/bin/foo.bat
        <jboynes>       and add src/main/distrib as the source for the fileset with outputDirectory empty
        <jboynes>       that will copy all files from src/main/distrib into the output archive
        <jboynes>       or you might have src/main/bin as a separate fileset with the execute bit set (mode 755)
        <jboynes>       personally I'd distribute the samples and javadoc separately but that's up to you :)
        <lresende>      and, so.. i just need to follow similar aproach and use sample sdo skeleton as model for DAS, right ?
        <jboynes>       yes
        <Venkat>        kgoodson.. is it possible for you to collate whatever jboynes has mentioned here and put it over the wiki..
        <Venkat>        just to capture it there.. we will trim it as we go along...
        <jboynes>       gotta run guys - another phone call
        <kgoodson>      venkat yes, i can do that
        <kgoodson>      thanks again
        <Venkat>        thanks... :)
        <lresende>      thanks jboynes

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