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   - attachment:createRelease.bat    - [[attachment:createRelease.bat]]

For the DAS release, we are going to start the first release candidate with a export of svn. We are not taken the branch aproach as we are pretty much done with the contents of the relase and the level of commits to the DAS area is relatively low right now.


source distribution

  • - das-1.0-incubator-M2-RC1-src.zip

binary das distribution

  • - das-1.0-incubator-M2-RC1-bin.tar.gz - das-1.0-incubator-M2-RC1-bin.zip

binary das sample distribution

  • - das-samples-1.0-incubator-M2-RC1-bin.tar.gz - das-samples-1.0-incubator-M2-RC1-bin.zip

Necessary Documentation

Check the following documentation

Exporting DAS Code

  • create a release candidate directory
    • mkdir RC1 cd RC1
    export DAS, Sample and Distribution code
          svn export https://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/incubator/tuscany/java/das/
            >> exported revision 451468



  • - Do i need a proposal.txt
    • - No
    - DAS have SDO dependency, that depends on EMF
    • - should i list EMF in my NOTICE.txt ?
      • - yes
    - Why isn't SDO releasing any samples ?
    • - they have missed that and they are now adding it to the release

Batch file for creating distribution

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