Convention over Configuration


Convention Over Configuration (CoC), as it is defined in wikipedia, it’s defined as “the programmer only needs to specifically configure what is unconventional.”

Below you can find a list of conventions supported by DAS.

ID Column

Currently, in the absence of otherwise conflicting, explicit configuration, we assume that any DO property named "id" will map to a primary key column in the database. Likewise a property name of the form "x_id" maps to a foreign key column that references some row in table "x".

OCC - Optimistic concurrency control (

For "collision" properties, any DO property with the name "occ_count" will be assumed to map to an integer table column that is used for optimistic concurrency control. This column will then be used to overqualify any related UPDATE statements for that table. In the future, we may want to add support for "occ_timestamp", etc.

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