As we get the M2 branch fairly stable in the sense of code, now it's time to look at the documents and web site.

I'm seeing several issues here:

1) Documents are scatted in different sources, including Web site, SVN, and Wiki. We don't have an organized navigation to these information. 2) Some of the documents are out of date and some of them are not complete. 3) We don't document for some features such as async web services.

To jump start the efforts, I list some documents I expect to be useful for the release. I also collect a list of existing materials under each item.

General stuff:

1) How to download the release? 2) How to check out the source from SVN and build with Maven? 3) How to load the source into IDEs such as Eclipse or IDEA and how to debug? 4) How to work with Tomcat?

For end-users:

1) A document discribing how to develop/build/run standalone applications.

I found there are already readmes for the samples and we could make them a bit generic so that they can be published to the web site.

2) A document discribing how to develop/build/run web applications.

For extension developers:

3) Architecture overview

4) How to extend tuscany?

5) DataBinding

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