TODOs / Tasks for Milestone 2 (M2)

The next release of Tuscany Java DAS - Milestone-2 (M2) is tentatively planned for October. The following is target content for M2 and its status.


Here are some points to help in updating information on the Release Items.

Release Items (status)

Here are the list of Release Items and Sub-items within each.


*Create DAS Branch

*Update Branch with references to released Parent POM and SDO dependencies

*Blocker JIRAS


DAS Source and Binary Distributions

We have no pending decisions to be made on inclusion or exclusion of functionality, which are all in completed state.

Our remaining in progress issues are to do with organisation and compliance of the distribution. A DAS M2RC3' has just been sent to be posted and once it's done, a announcment will be sent to the dev list.

DAS Core Features

  • MySQL support * Completed
  • Static Data Objects * Completed
  • Dynamic root for static graphs * Completed
  • "Unique" attribute on relationships * Completed
  • Explicit ResultSet shape definition * Completed

  • Improved logging * Completed
  • Programmatic Configuration * Completed
  • Helper for empty SDO Graph * Completed
  • Convention over configuration * Completed
    • Column named "ID" is the PK * Completed
    • Column named "xxx_ID" is the FK to table "xxx" * Completed


  • CompanyWeb * Completed

    • Tomcat integration and automated DAS samples testing (htmlUnit)
    • DAS Samples now have all dependencies and source code inside the sample war


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