TODOs / Tasks for Milestone 2 (M2)

The next release of Tuscany Java SCA - Milestone-2 (M2) is tentatively planned for October. The following is target content for M2 and its status.


Here are some points to help in updating information on the Release Items.

Release Items (status)

Here are the list of Release Items and Sub-items within each.

Host distributions

1. Standalone - in/out? TBD (Owner : Meeraj / Jeremy)

2. WAR Plug in for WebApps - in/out? TBD (Owner : Meeraj / Jeremy)

SCA Core

SCA Extension: Bindings

SCA Extension: Data Binding

SCA Extension: Container

SCA Tools



Old Status - ignore for now

sync is working, async in progress -

* Working Status

Optional extensions

it is already available in the SVN repository.

Host distributions

Sample applications

Other areas


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