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Notes on using the Eclipse projects generated by the mvn eclipse:eclipse command.

The build instructions in the SDO Java Overview talk about running mvn eclipse:eclipse to permit development in eclipse, but don't give detailed instructions on how to go on to use eclipse.

Here's a dump of the information I gleaned for getting this working in Windows

Open an eclipse workspace at some location on the file system (Initially when I created a workspace right on top of where I had extracted from SVN, I got a problem relating to "overlap" of path names when I tried to import the projects --- not sure what the criteria for overlap are)

Java Assert Statements

If you see an error saying Syntax error on token "assert" you must set some Java compiler preferences

Java 5 Dependency

At this time only one file ( in the SDO tools project has a dependency on Java 5. You must either ensure you have a Java 5 JRE in your list of installed JREs, and ensure that the tools project uses this JRE (instructions to follow), or delete the source file if you don't plan to use it.

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