A compilation of use-case scenarios people are currently working on or think would be useful to have.

These are divided into two sections: end-to-end scenarios that relate to how people would use Tuscany, and technology scenarios that illustrate how to use a specific feature.

SL - To me the "end to end" scenarios section is not significantly different from the technology samples. I'm not saying I disagree with the intent but I would like to see us express the end to end scenarios in business problems that potential users would recognize,

Business Scenarios

These scenarios demonstrate the role of SCA in various different categories of IT solution.






Data Management


Business Integration

Anti Scenarios

End to end scenarios

These examples show end user experiences, such as accessing a service (or assembly) via JSF or API. The focus of these is to guide the user step by step through building an end to end application

Accessing a Service

Creating Components


Component Lifecycle

Technology Scenarios

These scenarios show how to use specific pieces of technology within Tuscany and demonstrate the operation of the runtime and its extensions.





System Services

System services are extensions to the core runtime that provide functionality used by other extensions or serve as extension points themselves.

Host Containers

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